November 2018 Lots 251-300

SAT 24th November 2018 – Cedric Ford Pavilion,
Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Newark, Notts, NG24 2NY
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251 Caledonian Railway painted pine Ambulance Box. The hinged lid is painted “CR Bridgton Ambulance Corps”. Original condition with one carrying handle damaged. 54x11in. A Glasgow location. SOLD FOR
252 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “50A” (York). SOLD FOR
253 GNR Somersault Signal Lamp Case with brass plate “Great Northern Railway No. 28518” and copper plate “Orby”. Complete with a correct interior lamp plated “Swneshead”. Unrestored. Orby was on the East Lincs line between Firsby and Willoughby. SOLD FOR
254 LNER quad royal pictorial Poster “The Coronation crossing the Royal Border Bridge Berwick-upon-Tweed”. A stunning image by Tom Purvis depicting the streamlined train and one of the most classic poster images ever produced so this is a rare opportunity. It is laid on board, sealed and in a wooden frame, but is in v.g.c. with no losses. SOLD FOR
255 BR(M) enamel “Private” Doorplate in good condition. SOLD FOR
256 Oval cast brass LNER ‘9×5’ Works Numberplate “London & North Eastern Railway 61472 rebuilt Darlington Works 1945”. Together with its matching cast brass ‘9×5’ Tender Plate “8849 Darlington Works 1920”. Both face restored only. A York and Hull engine w/d in April 1964. SOLD FOR
257 Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway brass faced steel Single Line Tablet inscribed “Holt – Sheringham West 24”. Very good ex-service condition. SOLD FOR
258 An important Collection of approx. 1350 Photographic Colour Slides by Colour-Rail of BR steam subjects, many no longer offered by the company. Colour-Rail catalogues are included for identification purposes. Also included are 100 other colour slides of BR Diesel and Electric subjects of good quality. The latter sold with copyright. SOLD FOR
259 A Box containing four Railway Company Teapots. n/s
260 LNER cast iron Platform Seat Back Nameplate “Bishop Auckland”. Face restored only 45in. long. SOLD FOR
261 Carriage Print “Robin Hood & Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire by Winslade from the LMR Historical Series of 1955. A local and scarce print in an original type glazed frame. SOLD FOR
262 Cast aluminium Locomotive Builders Plate “British Railways Doncaster 1964 Electric Equipment by Associated Electrical Industries & The English Electric Co. Ltd.” Written on the back is “No. 4 2 End.” Cleaned only. 8.5×5.75in. Locos built at Doncaster that year were Class 83 OHWE Nos. 85029 / 30 / 37 / 39 / 40 (E3084 / 85 / 92 / 94 / 95). SOLD FOR
263 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “44934” as carried by the LMS ‘Black5’ 4-6-0 built at Horwich in 1945. A Newton Heath loco for many years it was w/d from Warrington in Sept. 1967 and cut up by Cashmore’s, Great Bridge. The smokebox is face painted only over original paint. (See next lot). SOLD FOR
264 A fine super detailed Gauge ‘0’ kit built Model of ‘Black 5’ No. 44934 in unlined BR livery. SOLD FOR
265 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “LMS Built 1945 Horwich”. Original paintwork and lightly polished. 10.25x6in. Locos built at Horwich that year were ‘Black 5’ Nos. 44932 – 43 (including. lot 263), 8f 2-8-0’s Nos. 48382 – 99 & 48490 – 95. SOLD FOR
266 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “81A” (Old Oak Common). Restored. SOLD FOR
267 GER pattern mahogany cased Signal Box ‘Flap’ Instrument with ivorine plate “Oakington”. V.g.c. Oakington was on the Cambridge to St. Ives line. The station here closed in Oct. 1970. SOLD FOR
268 BR(E) half flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Althorpe”. Light edge chipping only. Very good colour and shine. A former GCR station on the Doncaster – Barnetby line. SOLD FOR
269 BR(NE) fully flanged enamel Station Sign “To Platforms 2 1” with directional arrows. Edge chips mainly. Fine deep colour and shine. 36x18in. SOLD FOR
270 Perspex Station Fluorescent Light Diffuser from Louth station which closed in 1970. Two cracks otherwise good condition. 66in. long. SOLD FOR
271 LNER 3 aspect GNR pattern Handlamp brass plated “London & North Eastern Railway New England”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Restored. SOLD FOR
272 Great Central Railway 2 aspect Locomotive Headlamp. Body and aspect drum clearly marked “GCR”. Complete with “GCR” vessel, all fittings and glasses. Restored and rare. SOLD FOR
273 LMS spring wound 8in. mahogany cased Wall Clock from Wolverton Works. The ex-service dial is written “LMS 15683” and a LMS brass plate “15683” is mounted on the back box. Working order with key. SOLD FOR
274 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd. 7600 Manchester, 1953” and includes British, Rhodesian, South African and foreign patent numbers. As carried by the 2-6-2 + 2-6-2 Class 14A Rhodesia Railways Loco No. 521. The plate is face restored only, the back is ex-loco and is stamped “521”. 10.5×6.5in. SOLD FOR
275 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Stalybridge”. Re-touched enamel losses to left including ‘S’ and ‘A’ plus some light scratches. Good colour and shine though. A former GC & LNW Joint station. SOLD FOR
276 LNER cast iron Station Doorplate “Tickets”. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
277 Fully flanged enamel Roundel Station Sign “James Street” from the Mersey Railway location opened in Feb. 1886. Flange wear only. Good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
278 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate 70B” (Feltham). “BR(S)” triangle to rear. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
279 LNER Signal Box Hanging Oil Lamp brass plated “LNER Nostell” and complete with burner, glass chimney and metal hanging frame. Very good condition. A former location on the GN & GC Joint West Riding Railway between Wakefield and Doncaster. The station there closed in Oct. 1951. SOLD FOR
280 Cast brass Locomotive Nameplate “Somerleyton Hall” as carried by the LNER B17 ‘Sandringham’ Class 4-6-0 No. 2840 / 61640. Built at Darlington Works and into traffic in May 1933 the engine was shedded at Cambridge in BR days. It was w/d from there in Oct. 1958 and cut up at Doncaster in Dec. The building is near Lowestoft, the home of Baron Somerleyton. The nameplate is in fine condition face restored only, with a wooden splasher and “31A” Cambridge shedplate. SOLD FOR
281 North British Railway Bulpitts Patent 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “466” and “15S Lochend Junction”. Brass plate to body “Bulpitts Patent Sole Vendors Blackley Young & Co. Glasgow”. Complete with all fittings and glasses including an unusual purple aspect. V.g.c. and devoid of paint. The junction was east of Edinburgh Waverley. SOLD FOR
282 Venice Simplon – Orient Express double royal pictorial Poster by Fix-Masseau. V.g.c. with no folds. SOLD FOR
283 GNR 3 aspect Handlamp with brass plate “Great Northern Railway Company Newark No. 30” and a re-location plate “Oulton Broad”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Restored. SOLD FOR
284 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Sign “Ticket Office and Waiting Room”. Re-touched edge and corner chips. Very good colour and shine. 36x18in. SOLD FOR
285 Box of Carriage Prints, Carriage Mirrors and Pullman items. SOLD FOR
286 “M&GN 239” cast iron Bridge Numberplate from the Lound Viaduct, Bourne. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
287 An important Collection of Canadian Pacific Railway and Steamship Company Official Publications housed in sleeves in two binders. Comprises guides, menus, passenger lists, etc. Must be viewed. (See next lot). SOLD FOR
288 Further Publicity Material as previous lot from the Canadian Pacific Railway and Steamship Company. Again must be viewed. SOLD FOR
289 LNER 3 aspect GER pattern sliding knobs Handlamp stamped “Manea 13”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Back handle removed. Unrestored. The station is south east of March. SOLD FOR
290 A cast brass Industrial Locomotive Numberplate “No. 23” as carried by the Yorkshire Engine Co. 0-4-0ST No. 2345 of 1934 which worked at Steel Peach & Tozer Rotherham, Woodhouse Mill. Impressive plate face restored only. Information written on the back. 21x8in. SOLD FOR
291 Two curved Notices as fixed to telegraph poles warning not to throw stones etc. A cast example with the crown of Queen Victoria & an enamel version with King Edward crown. (2). SOLD FOR
292 Wooden Signal Box Board with applied letters “Bellside Jct.” Very good condition and restored. 81.25×10.25in. A former Caledonian Railway box between Glasgow and Edinburgh. SOLD FOR
293 North Eastern Railway Train Side & Tail Lamp with “NER” oval brass plate and red & clear bullseye lenses set in cast brass bezels each inscribed “NER Co.” Very good condition but lacks vessel. n/s
294 BR(W) cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “5571” as carried by the GWR 2-6-2T. Class introduced in 1927. A Taunton regular in BR days it was finally w/d from Southall in Oct. 1964 and cut up by Hayes, Bridgend. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
295 BR(NE) painted curved wooden Hanging Sign “The Flying Scotsman Refreshment Car”, with metal end straps and carrying handle. 24in. long overall. Ex-Frank Burridge Collection. SOLD FOR
296 Southern Railway brass Locomotive Whistle lightly cleaned only. “BRA YM3” stamped underneath i.e. British Rlys. Ashford Works. V.g.c. 8.25in. tall. SOLD FOR
297 Wooden Station Sign “Gentlemen” with pointing hand in applied cast iron characters to both faces. Pre-grouping and possibly L&YR. Good ex-station condition. 73.25x13in. SOLD FOR
298 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “62A” (Thornton Junction). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
299 BR(S) fully flanged enamel Station Sign “Way Out”. Small edge chips plus one below ‘T’. Very good colour and shine. 24x18in. SOLD FOR
300 LMS Locomotive brass Hooter Whistle as carried by the ‘8F’ Class 2-8-0 No. 48053. It was built in 1936 at the Vulcan Foundry (Works No. 4730). Shedded in BR days at Nottingham, Coalville and Kirkby, it was finally w/d from Rose Grove in March 1967 and cut up by Cashmore’s, Great Bridge. The whistle is nicely polished, stamped ‘48053’ and mounted on a wooden block. SOLD FOR

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