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Welcome to our April – May 2021 Auction
Bidding Times: Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.
Saturday – Sunday – CLOSED.
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Lots 442 – 461 Closing time Friday May 14th 4.00pm tel. 01949 21105
442 LNER ‘Coronation’ ware silver plated half pint Teapot by Walker & Hall face marked with the Art Deco style lettering associated with this streamlined train. V.g.c. sold for
443 LNER ‘Coronation’ ware silver plated Salad Serving Fork and Spoon by Walker & Hall. Both items display the LNER initials as the previous lot. V.g.c. sold for
444 LNER ‘Coronation’ ware large silver plated five pronged Serving Fork by Walker & Hall in the Art Deco style associated with this streamlined train. V.g.c. 8.75in. long. sold for
445 “GCR 288 (31)” cast iron Viaduct Plate from the Weekday Cross structure in Nottingham. Face restored only. sold for
446 Gauge One tinplate GWR outside frame 4-4-0 Locomotive and Tender No. 3410 and named “Sydney”. Originally clockwork it has been fitted with a recent electric motor for 3-rail pick up and the front bogie requires re-fitting. Paintwork and lining looks original. A nice model 23.25in. long o/all buffers circa 1910 in date and probably by Bassett-Lowke. sold for
447 Gauge One tinplate GWR Clearestory Bogie Brake Coach. Original paintwork with minor scratches. Probably another product of the Bassett-Lowke factory circa 1910. 16.25in. long o/all buffers. sold for
448 A Marklin Gauge One tinplate 0-4-0 3 rail electric Locomotive and Tender with light bulb to the loco smokebox. Very good original paintwork with Marklin logo and “Germany” on front buffer beam and tender back. Tender lacks buffers otherwise fine condition 13.25in. long o/all. Together with three matching gauge one tinplate 4 wheel coaches each marked “Marklin” on the ends. Coaches are each 8in. long and one retains lace curtains!. Fine original condition. sold for
449 LSWR circular brass Label engraved “Platform Bell” for a Sykes plunger instrument. V.g.c. sold for
450 “Great Western Railway” fully titled cast iron Gate Notice nicely face restored only. sold for
451 North British Railway Tail or Buffer Stop Lamp with brass plates “NBR” and “R. G. Murray & Co. Carlton Court Bridge St. Glasgow”. Body painted “Kelso No. 3”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored. The lamp was purchased from the station master at Kelso upon closure in 1964. sold for
452 Fibre Single Line Tablet “Westerfield – Derby Road 3”. V.g.c. The first section of the former GER Felixstowe branch. sold for
453 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “60846” as carried by the LNER V2 Class 2-6-2 built at Darlington in 1939. BR allocations were Ardsley, Heaton and Thornaby before moving to St. Margarets, Edinburgh. Withdrawal came in Oct. 1965 followed by scrapping at Cambell’s, Airdrie. A fine smokebox with a curly ‘6’ in ex-loco condition as purchased direct form BR by our vendor. Complete with the original “St. Margarets loco” tag still attached. sold for
454 Double royal pictorial Poster “GWR & LMS Weston Super-Mare in smiling Somerset” by Claude Buckle. Laid on thin board and laminated. sold for
455 GNR 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “GNR 16106” top and body and date coded Oct. 1903. Brass plate “London & North Eastern Railway Hemsworth” (WR & GR Joint line closed in Nov. 1967). Complete with all fittings and glasses and nicely restored. sold for
456 Bronze Gate Key, the head inscribed “Rothes Station L.C.” V.g.c. Rothes on the line between Elgin and Craigellachie closed in May 1968. sold for
457 Southern Railway Ashford First Aid metal Box, with ring top handle. Stamped “SRA” in the lid, the inside of which retains the original label of contents which are not present. V.g.c. with original paintwork. 17.5x5x4.5in. high. sold for
458 Great Eastern Railway Boundary Post comprising a “GER” cast iron tablet bolted to an ‘I’ section post 37.5in. tall. Unrestored. sold for
459 “Station Hotel Holyhead” Vesta Match Case retaining some of the original gilded finish. The hotel was opened by the L&NWR in 1880, closed in 1951 and demolished 1978. sold for
460 GNR 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “Great Northern Railway Company Lincoln 11”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored. sold for
461 “The Ironstone Railways and Tramways of the Midlands” by Eric S. Tonks. A nice first edition (1959) example of this sought after work 316pp. illustrated & complete with all the folding maps. Original dust wrappers are present but distressed. The contents clean & tight. sold for
Lots 462 – 485 Closing time Friday May 14th 4.00pm tel. 01949 21106
462 “GCR The St. John Ambulance Association” nickel Sleeve Badge in v.g.c. n/s
463 “GWR The St. John Ambulance Association” nickel Sleeve Badge with blackened background and in v.g.c. sold for
464 “C. Clarke MR Goods Depot Harlesden N. W.” Two Midland Railway metal Tokens, one shilling (nickel) and 2/6d (copper). sold for
465 “L.N.W.R. Carnforth Coupling Stick 111” circular pewter Tally. 42mm. dia. sold for
466 “Midland Railway Company Pass 278” in nickel with button hole loop to the back. V.g.c. 32mm. dia. sold for
467 “Kings Cross 1” Porter’s nickel Cap Badge with black backing to the numeral. LNER / early BR vintage. 50x26mm. sold for
468 “Great Eastern Railway Old Comrades Ass’n” brass and enamel Lapel Badge in v.g.c. sold for
469 “GER Old Comrades Association” circular brass and enamel Lapel Badge in v.g.c. n/s
470 “GER Old Comrades Association” circular brass and enamel Lapel Badge with “Committee” scroll in v.g.c. sold for
471 “Great Eastern Railway” enamelled gilt brass Lapel Badge dated 1922 on the back. Still on its original “J.R. Gaunt & Sons titled card and original box. Paper label inside “Wm. Ratcliffe Cambridge”, presumably the recipient. sold for
472 “SE & C Rly. Cricket League” silver, rose gold and enamel Medallion. Inscribed on reverse “Winners 1922 – 3”. V.g.c. sold for
473 “LNER Southern Scottish Area” silver Medallion. Inscribed on reverse “Ambulance Competition 1930 presented by Wm. Whitelaw Esq. Won by William Lawson”. V.g.c. sold for
474 “Broughty Ferry Station Ambce” gold(?) pin backed Brooch with an enamelled cross of St. Andrew. Inscribed on reverse “Mrs. J.L. Whyte 1921” in fine script. Superb. Broughty Ferry was a Dundee & Arbroath Joint Line station (Cal & NBR). sold for
475 “Scottish Railways Ambulance Competition” gilt brass Medallion with enamelled cross of St. Andrew. Inscribed on reverse “First Prize won by David Thomson Thornton 7th. May 1927”. V.g.c. sold for
476 Rose gold Medallion with an ornate mount bearing an enamelled red cross (some losses). Inscribed on reverse “Oban Station Section Team Competition 1930 H.J.C. Skinner” with later addition “1931 – 32 – 33”. sold for
477 “Gt. Eastern Railway Athletic Association” silver Medallion with enamelled shield and garter title. The reverse bears a circular gilt mount depicting tennis players. V.g.c. sold for
478 “GWR Staff Association” silver and enamel Medallion. Inscribed on reverse “Festival of Music and Drama 1947”. V.g.c. n/s
479 “Bathgate LNER Bowling Club” brass and enamel Lapel Badge featuring a bowler on a shield flanked by a pair of bowls above the title panel. V.g.c. Bathgate, a former NBR station west of Edinburgh. sold for
480 “Gt. Northern Hotel Air Rifle Club Champions Kimberley & Dis. League 1907” silver and enamel Lapel Badge in v.g.c. n/s
481 “London Railways Athletic Association” silver and enamel Medallion bearing a 4-4-2 tank locomotive across the centre. Inscribed on the reverse “1/4 Mile Swimming Championship 1st. A. Eagle SE&CR. S.C.” V.g.c. n/s
482 “Great Western Railway Fifteen Years First Aid Efficiency” gold Medal inscribed on the reverse “2897 Benjamin W. Bacon 1933” and complete with silver gilt and enamel year bars dated “20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years” each also numbered “2897”. sold for
483 “Sir F. Harrison’s Challenge Cup” silver Fob / Medallion. Reverse inscribed “L&NW Rly. Runners Up 1904 A. Cope”. V.g.c. n/s
484 Replica cast brass LMS ‘Jubilee’ Class 4-6-0 Nameplate “Gilbert and Ellice Islands” (5609 / 45609). A finely cast and very impressive plate 52.25in. long. sold for
485 Reproduction cast aluminium BR Class 55 ‘Deltic’ Locomotive Nameplate No. 55007 / D9007 “Pinza”. Nicely produced 30in. long, the background un-painted. sold for

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