March 2024 Lots 351-400

Saturday 23rd March 2024
Cedric Ford Pavilion, Newark Showground, Lincoln Rd, NG24 2NY
Viewing from 8.00am on morning of sale – Sale starts 10.00am
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351 Oval cast brass Locomotive Worksplate “LMS Built 1925 Derby”. Locos built that year were Class 4P 4-4-0 Nos. 41085 – 41114 and Class 4F 0-6-0 Nos. 44035 – 56 and 44207 – 44216. This particular worksplate is from one of the 4P Compounds No. 41102 which was allocated around the ‘27’ series depots finally w/d from Derby. SOLD FOR
352 “Cambrian Railways Company” fully titled cast iron Fireplace Fender. A nice handy size 29.5×8.5in. o/all. SOLD FOR
353 London & North Eastern Railway fully titled wooden Tray, the base marked “LNER Ely Buffet”. V.g.c. 20x14in. SOLD FOR
354 “South African Railways 1254 I” cast brass Locomotive Cabside Numberplate as carried by the former Natal Government Railway “Hendrie B” Design 4-8-0 No. 284. It was built by North British Loco Co. (Works No. 16379) in 1904. Ex-loco condition. SOLD FOR
355 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “55F” (Bradford Manningham). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
356 BR(M) half flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Coalville Town”. Corrosion losses to flange holes. V.g. colour and shine. A former Midland Railway station closed in Sept. 1964. SOLD FOR
357 BR(E) “British Railways” quad royal enamel Poster Board Header. Good ex-station condition. 50.5in. long. SOLD FOR
358 LNER small “Coasting Cut – Off” Plate re- the use of the loco. regulator and with its needle pointer which were removed from the K3 Class Loco No. 61943 which was the stationary boiler at Colwick M.P.D. Due to be replaced by B1 No. 61264. Vendor’s note accompanies. SOLD FOR
359 British Rail aluminium Station Signs “Carlton” and “Netherfield”. Both in ex-station condition. (2) SOLD FOR
360 “Great Central & Midland Joint Line” fully titled cast iron Trespass Notice. A Midland pattern sign dated June 1899. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
361 Miscellaneous Lot. SOLD FOR
362 3 Boxes of Model Railway and related items. SOLD FOR
363 An ‘0’ Gauge Electric Model of the ex-LMS ‘Patriot’ Class 4-6-0 No. 45504 “Royal Signals” built by Andre Pugnet. A superb well detailed model finished in BR lined green livery. 17.25in. long o/all buffers and with a storage box. SOLD FOR
364 An ‘0’ Gauge Electric Model of the ex-LMS 2P Class 4-4-0 No. 40670 built by Andre Pugnet. Another superb well detailed model finished in BR lined black livery. 15.25in. long o/all buffers and with wooden storage box. SOLD FOR
365 An ‘0’ Gauge Electric Model of the BR Eastern Region A1 Class Pacific No. 60137 “Madge Wildfire” well detailed and finished in lined green livery. 19.5in. long o/all buffers. Needs a thorough clean and probably an overhaul. Complete with a wooden storage box. SOLD FOR
366 An ‘0’ Gauge Electric Model of the LMS 3F 0-6-0 Tender Locomotive No. 3522 built from a CCW models kit with a Bonds motor. In LMS unlined black livery 14.3in. long o/all buffers with a storage box. n/s
367 BR(NE) orange enamel and nickel “Ticket Collector” totem Cap Badge by Gaunt. A tiny chip to the bottom edge otherwise a nice example. SOLD FOR
368 Mid – Suffolk Light Railway Locoman’s grease topped Cap with oval brass badge “MSLR Engineman No. 2124”. Good ex-service condition. From the collection of the author of the book describing the History of the Line. SOLD FOR
369 Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “M&GNJR” on top and body. Brass plate to body “M&GNJR Twenty 14021 M&GNJR”. Complete with M&GNJR vessel, all fittings and glasses. SOLD FOR
370 BR(M) double royal steel Notice Board with enamelled totem header and chalk board area below. SOLD FOR
371 Great North of Scotland Railway brass Acetylene Lamp. Boldly stamped “GNSR” twice. Often used as interiors for platform lamps. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
372 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “24J” (Lancaster, Green Ayre). Unrestored. n/s
373 BR(S) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Minster Thanet”. Edge and flange re-touching otherwise excellent condition. A former SE & CR station between Canterbury and Ramsgate. SOLD FOR
374 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “42937”. Face restored. As carried by the LMS Class 4 2-6-0 built at Crewe in 1932. A Longsight, Crewe & Birkenhead loco it was w/d May 1965 and cut up at Central Wagon Co. Ince, Wigan. SOLD FOR
375 Great Northern Railway metal Oil Container stamped “GNR” and plated “GNR Singal (sic) Fitters Grantham”. V.g.c. 13.5in. tall complete with “GNR” brass cap and clasp. n/s
376 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Pocket Watch by the American Waltham Watch Co. The case back is lettered “LY” and the dial in very good order is marked “Fattorini and Sons Bradford” (retailers) and “8915173”. This number repeated on the internal case back. Working order complete with chain with button hole hook. SOLD FOR
377 LNER painted wooden Ambulance Box in v.g.c. No contents so useful storage. SOLD FOR
378 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “W.G. Bagnall Ltd. Engineers Stafford, England No. 2399”. As carried by the ex-GWR 0-6-0PT. No. 6718. A long term Duffryn Yard engine it was finally w/d from Swansea May 1958 and cut up at Swindon. Face lightly polished only. 6.4x4in. with “6718” stamped in the back. SOLD FOR
379 Great Northern Railway Somersault Signal Lamp Interior plated “Swineshead” complete with copper cap, all fittings and glasses. V.g.c. and restored. SOLD FOR
380 BR Humberail “Humberlink” double royal letterpress Poster with a Humber Bridge frieze. Shows a schematic lines / stations diagram and timetable for Newark – Scarborough stopping services for 1986. V.g.c. with no folds. foc
381 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “52H” (Tyne Dock). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
382 Painted wooden Train Carriage Board “The Mid-Day Scot”. Ex-service condition 11 feet long. SOLD FOR
383 London Transport enamel Street Sign “Victoria Street SW1 City of Westminster” double sided with hanging bracket. Excellent condition. The street connects Westminster Abbey with Victoria Station. SOLD FOR
384 Cast brass Replica LNER Plaque as fitted to the A4 Class 4-6-2 “Mallard” on attaining the world record for steam of 126mph. These were produced by the National Railway Museum in 1988 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the event. This plaque is No. 118 of 250 produced and is mounted on a polished hardwood panel. 17x15in. o/all and is complete with the official NRM numbered certificate of issue. SOLD FOR
385 Great Western Railway single aspect Handlamp, stamped “GWR” each side and has remains of painted location which could be “Bridport”. Complete with vessel, “GWR” porcelain burner, all fittings and large front lens. A scarce pattern of this pre-grouping Lamp in good original condition. SOLD FOR
386 “BR(W) No Smoking Allowed by Order” cast iron Notice. A GWR pattern sign face restored only. SOLD FOR
387 Three Carriage Prints in glazed frames. SOLD FOR
388 Great Northern Railway 10in. roundhead Wall Clock for restoration. The badly re-painted dial is written “W. Potts & Sons Leeds GNR No. 542”. Woodwork is good but lacks minute hand, pendulum and key. SOLD FOR
389 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “Railway Works No. 44 Ipswich 1912 Queensland”. Cleaned otherwise ex-loco condition. 11.25×6.5in. SOLD FOR
390 Great Central and Midland Railways cast iron Notice “GC & MRy Trespassers on this property will be prosecuted”. Face restored only. 20x12in. and scarce. SOLD FOR
391 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Prestwich”. One re-touched chip to base of ‘T’ otherwise v.g.c. A former LYR station north of Manchester closed in August 1991 and re-opened April 1992 as part of Greater Manchester Metro. SOLD FOR
392 BR(M) quad royal pictorial Poster “North Wales”. A colourful map of the North Coast Holiday Resorts with the crests of the various towns. Good condition with folds only. SOLD FOR
393 Hexagonal cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “Robert Stephenson & Co. Ltd. No. 3721 Indent No. D.R.T. 5585 Darlington 1918” with War Dept. arrow. As carried by the Ministry of Supply 2-8-0 which became LNER / BR Class ‘04’ No. 63695. Face polished only. A Sheffield Darnall loco w/d in Dec. 1962 and cut up at Horwich Works. SOLD FOR
394 South Eastern & Chatham Railway small General Purpose Handlamp / Gauge Glass Lamp. Top stamped “SE & CR 1567” with brass “A” Ashford ‘button’. Complete with all fittings and glasses and lamp iron bracket to rear. V.g.c. and unpainted. SOLD FOR
395 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Doorplate “Waiting Room”. Re-touched corner chips, otherwise v.g.c. with good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
396 BR(M) “British Railways” totem shaped enamel Notice Board Header. Face chips but good colour and shine. 16.5in. long. SOLD FOR
397 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “15D” (Bedford then Coalville). A LMS style plate face restored only. SOLD FOR
398 A Box of Lamps all originate from Ilkeston, some are plated as such. SOLD FOR
399 Box of Wagon Plates. SOLD FOR
400 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “60100”. Restored. As carried by the LNER ‘A3’ Pacific Class 4-6-2 named “Spearmint” built at Doncaster (1741 of 1930) and named after the winning racehorse of the 1906 Derby. Always an Edinburgh engine and whilst at Haymarket was the personal engine allocated to Driver Norman McKillop who wrote articles in the Railway Press under the pseudonym “Toram Beg”. It was a regular performer on the non-stop which it shared with 60099. Spearmint was one of the last 3 A3’s in service and was w/d from 64A in June 1965 and cut up at Darlington. SOLD FOR