March 2024 Lots 201-250

Saturday 23rd March 2024
Cedric Ford Pavilion, Newark Showground, Lincoln Rd, NG24 2NY
Viewing from 8.00am on morning of sale – Sale starts 10.00am
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201 “London Midland and Scottish Railway Company” face marked silver plated Dining Table Flower Vase by Walker & Hall. Trumpet shaped with a weighted base 7.75in. tall. Excellent condition. SOLD FOR
202 “Built 1949 Derby” oval cast iron Locomotive Works Plate. Unrestored. Built that year were Class 4P 2-6-4T. Nos. 42107 – 32 & 0-6-0DE Shunters Nos. 7137 – 7153 (12050 – 12066). SOLD FOR
203 LNER 3 aspect Handlamp, GNR pattern brass plated “London & North Eastern Railway Grantham Nth. 5” complete with all fittings and glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
204 Great North of Scotland Railway silver plated Chamber Stick complete with removable candle holder and conical snuffer. Top marked “GNSR Palace Hotel”. Excellent condition and quite superb. SOLD FOR
205 A pair of Great North of Scotland Railway Nevada silver Fish Knives by Daniel & Arter of Birmingham. The blades superbly engraved with fish within ornate scrollwork borders and the handles display the “GNSR Ballater” belted garter devices. This was the terminus of the ‘Royal Deeside’ line from Aberdeen and the station for Balmoral Castle. The sheer quality of these knives may suggest Royal usage. Excellent condition. (2). SOLD FOR
206 Interesting Delve Box of Mixed Railwayana Items. Worth a look! SOLD FOR
207 Cast brass Locomotive Nameplate “Newfoundland” as carried by the LMS ‘Jubilee’ Class 4-6-0 No. 45573 built by the North British Loco Co. in 1934. It had a long career allocated to Leeds Holbeck going there in April 1946 (following a 7 year stint at Millhouses) and was w/d from Holbeck in Sept. 1965 followed by cutting up at Cashmore’s, Great Bridge. The nameplate is face restored only 48.75in. long & is unusual in having blank spaces at each end. SOLD FOR
208 “LNER” top marked small copper Watering Can with hinged lid. A delightful nicely polished item 8.25in. tall o/all. SOLD FOR
209 GNR rotating somersault Signal Lamp with two bullseye lenses used for signals without arms where the lamp itself rotates to show the different colours. Brass plated “Great Northern Railway No. 27584” and “Wood Green”. The interior lamp is plated “Holloway”. A very scarce example of one of these unusual lamps. SOLD FOR
210 Large oval engraved brass Locomotive Worksplate “Great Northern Ry. Co. Makers Doncaster Works No. 1177 1907”. As carried by the N1 Class 0-6-2T No. 4552, LNER 9432 and BR 69432. A Hornsey, Ardsley, Kings Cross and Bradford engine w/d in Nov. 1954 and cut up at Doncaster. The plate 17.25×9.5in. is face polished only, back stamped “4552” and “R”. SOLD FOR
211 BR(NE) fully flanged enamel “Platform 3” Station Sign. Light chipping but good colour and shine. 24x18in. SOLD FOR
212 London Brighton & South Coast Railway brass cased Semaphore Signal Indicator with engraved “3” upstand plate. The face lettered “LB & SCR 1855 On False Off”. A heavy instrument in excellent condition. SOLD FOR
213 LMS Steam Locomotive Hooter Whistle in ex-loco condition as carried by the ‘Jubilee’ Class 4-6-0 No. 45667 “Jellicoe”. A Nottingham and Burton engine mainly in the BR period it was w/d from Bank Hall in Jan 1965 and cut up by Maden & McKee, Stanley, Liverpool. SOLD FOR
214 BR(W) fully flanged Station Direction Sign with left pointing arrow. A few re-touched edge / flange chips. Excellent colour and shine. SOLD FOR
215 Oval engraved brass Locomotive Builders Plate “No. 2057 Doncaster 1950”. As carried by the 4MT 2-6-0 No. 43050. A Darlington engine mainly, its last few months were at North Blyth from where it was w/d in Dec. 1967 followed by cutting up by Clayton & Davie, Dunston-on-Tyne. The plate is lightly face polished only. SOLD FOR
216 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “55A” (Leeds Holbeck). Face restored only. “45561” chalked on the back. ‘Jubilee’ 45561 “Saskatchewan”. SOLD FOR
217 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Croston”. Small face chips and a grey painted flange. Good colour and shine. A former LYR station between Liverpool and Preston. SOLD FOR
218 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “65501” in restored condition. As carried by the Holden GER ‘J17’ Class 0-6-0 built at Stratford in 1901. A March and Cambridge loco in later years, it was w/d Jan. 1958 and cut up at Stratford. SOLD FOR
219 Enamel Advertising Sign “Beach’s Jams and a wonderful lemon curd”. General chipping and small areas of corrosion edge loss but good colour. 58x21in. Together with a glass preserve jar embossed “T.W. Beach Fruit Grower”. The firm owned fruit farms in the Isleworth area. (2). SOLD FOR
220 Box of Railway Lamps. SOLD FOR
221 LNER small enamel Notice “Before opening doors make sure that all staff are clear”. Re-touched chips. Very good colour and shine. 8x6in. SOLD FOR
222 Cast bronze Locomotive Nameplate “Amy”. Face restored only. 11x4in. Purchased by our vendor many years ago from Collector’s Corner, York. n/s
223 BR(E) flangeless enamel Station Doorplate “Ladies”. Re-touched chipping to bottom edge. Very good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
224 Glasgow & South Western Railway mahogany cased Signal Box Telegraph Instrument. Brass plate above the sounding bars “G&SWR 148”. Complete with writing shelf and paper spike. SOLD FOR
225 Diamond shaped cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “North British Locomotive Company Ltd. Glasgow 1928 Queens Park Works No. 23734”. Face restored only. As carried by Rhodesia Railways 12th Class 4-8-2 No. 205. SOLD FOR
226 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “70F” (Fratton then Bournemouth). Face restored only. SOLD FOR
227 LMS enamel Station Lamp Sign “Bolton Trinity Street”. V.g.c. with excellent colour and shine. The former LYR station in the town. 20×6.5in. SOLD FOR
228 “LMS Built 1939 Crewe” oval cast brass Locomotive Works Plate lightly face restored only. Locos built that year were ‘Coronation’ Class Pacifics 46235 – 39 (built streamlined) & Class 8F 2-8-0 Nos. 48098 – 48125. SOLD FOR
229 Cambrian Railway 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “Wrexham Junc. Box Ellesmere”. Brass “CRy” letters to the base and brass plate to the top “J. Defries & Sons Manufacturers London”. Complete with rape oil vessel, all fittings and glasses. Unrestored. SOLD FOR
230 Original Painting by Gerald Broom depicting a ‘Royal Scot’ loco hauled Express passing a pair of ploughing horses in adjacent field. Oil on canvas board and in a frame with card mounts. 26x20in. o/all. SOLD FOR
231 ‘00’ Gauge Railway Interest: Four vertical wooden cases with sliding hardboard covers displaying 28no. LNER locomotives mostly A3’s plus A1, A4 and B17 Classes. SOLD FOR
232 ‘00’ Gauge: 2 large boxes of Rolling Stock etc. SOLD FOR
233 ‘00’ Gauge: Box of Locomotives mainly in individual boxes. SOLD FOR
234 ‘00’ Gauge: A tub of Locomotives mainly ex-LNER A4’s covering many of the Class. SOLD FOR
235 ‘0’ Gauge: A Hornby LMS 4-4-4 Tank Loco Goods Set in original pictorial Hornby box not for this set. SOLD FOR
236 Midland Railway 12in. oak dropcase Wall Clock. The original dial is written John Smith & Sons Midland Clock Works Queen Street Derby and the original hands are very fine. The superbly presented oak cabinet has ornately carved ‘ears’ and lenticle surround. Fully overhauled and a good timekeeper complete with pendulum and heart shaped key. SOLD FOR
237 BR(W) fully flanged enamel Station Sign “Please show tickets”. Minor re-touched edge chips only. Very good colour and shine. 18x9in. SOLD FOR
238 Original Painting by Derek Wheeler depicting an ex-GNR Atlantic No. 4433 hard at work with its train up Holloway Bank, Kings Cross. Ex-Richard Hardy Collection. Oil on canvas and framed. 27×21.5in. o/all. SOLD FOR
239 Hull & Barnsley Railway pictorial cast iron Signal Installation Manufacturers Plate lettered “H & BR Saxby & Farmer Ld. Railway Signal Engineers London & Chippenham” with a raised railway scene to the centre. V.g.c. 11.75×8.75in. SOLD FOR
240 BR(M) enamel Notice Board Header “Bus Services”. V.g.c. with good colour and shine. n/s
241 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “14D” (Neasden). Face restored only. SOLD FOR
242 Central London Railway large copper top 3 aspect Handlamp with a skirt. Copper plate to body “LTPW” (London Transport Permanent Way). Complete with cowled front lens, all fittings and glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
243 Ornately decorated blue and white china Ink Stand by Cauldon base marked “LM &S Hotels”. Complete with matching lid which has a barely noticeable hair line crack. A very fine piece indeed. 5x5in x 3in tall. SOLD FOR
244 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “44692”. Face restored only. As carried by the LMS Class 5 4-6-0 built at Horwich in 1950. An Accrington and Lostock Hall engine w/d finally from Carlisle Kingmoor in May 1966 to be cut up by McWilliams, Shettlestone. SOLD FOR
245 Great Western Railway pre-grouping cast iron Home Signal Finial with four sided base. V.g.c. and restored. 26.5in. tall SOLD FOR
246 BR(NE) Quad royal enamel Poster Board Header “British Railways”. Re-touched chips at the right hand end. Very good colour and shine. 53in. long. SOLD FOR
247 “LMS Built 1926 Horwich” oval cast brass Locomotive Works Plate. Face restored only. The left bolt hole slightly enlarged. As carried on the smokebox side by one of the first built ‘Crab’ 2-6-0’s Nos. 13000 – 06 (42700 – 06). SOLD FOR
248 BR(S) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Maidstone Barracks”. Very minor re-touched flange chips otherwise excellent condition. SOLD FOR
249 Wooden Crossing Box Board with applied letters “Fishermen”. In ex-box condition with one long and two short lengths of inner beading missing. 56.5×11.5in. The small gate box only had one signboard and located near Redcar. The crossing became redundant circa 1978 when the railway was diverted through Coatham Marsh. SOLD FOR
250 Cast aluminium Nameplate “Sir Henry Morton Stanley” from the Virgin Super Voyager Class 221 No. 221117. Named April 2002 after the Denbigh born explorer known for his greeting “Dr. Livingstone I presume”. Ex-vehicle condition. 22.5×39.3in. Together with a Sir Henry Morton Stanley Descriptive Plaque also carried by the same Super Voyager. Ex-vehicle condition. (2). SOLD FOR