July 2022 Lots 301 – 350

Saturday 2nd July 2022 – The Venue,
Grantham Rd, Navenby, Lincs LN5 0JJ
Viewing from 8.00am on morning of sale – Sale starts 10.00am
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301 BR(LMR) quad royal pictorial Poster “Britain’s First All Electric Main Line” by Vic Welch depicting 27000 and 26051 Electric Locos on Woodhead Line Trains. Minor edge nicks and light folds.
302 “LNER Barkston” brass plated Signal Box Lamp complete with burner, glass chimney and metal hanging frame.
303 “Pity Me” reflective aluminium Road Direction Sign with fixing brackets to rear. Ex-roadside condition. 21x8in. The village Pity Me is in County Durham.
304 Hull & Barnsley Railway and North Eastern Railway Guard’s Whistles. (2).
305 “LNER Station Skegness” double sided enamel Direction Sign. Both faces in good condition with fine colour and shine with edge re-touching only. 24.5×9.5in.
306 Great Western Railway 3 aspect brass collar Handlamp stamped “GWR” and “T. Bladon & Son 1939” (maker) complete with all fittings and glasses and restored.
307 Wooden framed enamel “3” from one of the Spalding Signal Boxes which were all so numerically identified. Very good colour and shine. One fixing bead needs replacing. 13.75×13.75in.
308 GNR Nameglass “Coningsby” from a Station Platform Lamp. V.g.c. 14in. long.
309 “M & GN Gedney” brass Office Stamp on a turned ebonised wooden handle. V.g.c.
310 M & GNJR Signal Box Instrument Plates “From Lynn Slow Distant” and “Wisbech Station. V.g.c. (2).
311 “LNER Donington Road to Sleaford” brass Cash Bag Plate on its leather backing.
312 Two brass Plates: “Cuckoo Junc” (2.75×0.75) and “Down Dist. No. 4 Cuckoo” 2.75in. dia. Cuckoo Junction was on the M&GNJR south west of Spalding.
313 Great Central Railway 3 aspect miniature sliding knobs Handlamp stamped “GCR 23023” and brass plated “GCR 23023 Engineers Dept. Lincoln”. Complete with GCR vessel, GCR lining drum, all fittings and glasses. The bullseye lens badly damaged. A fine little lamp though. Restored.
314 Midland Rly. large 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “MR Co” in the body and bearing matching brass plates “Midland Railway 1468A”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored.
315 Railway Carriage Print “The Lincolnshire Wolds, Nr Horncastle, Lincolnshire” by Freda Marston from the LNER 1945-47 series. V.g.c. and in an original glazed frame.
316 GNR engraved brass Signal Box Instrument Plates “From Digby” and “To Blotoft”. V.g.c. (2).
317 Wooden Signal Box Board “Stoke” with applied letters. 37.25×9.75”. From the East Coast Main Line Summit Box south of Grantham. Good original condition.
318 Cast iron Sign “Great Central Ry. Notice. Drivers are hereby warned that special care must be taken not to allow their engines to emit smoke at Cleethorpes while standing in the station and sidings. By order”. A hairline crack down the right side. Two substantial iron straps to the back. The lettering and border re-painted otherwise unrestored. A very rare sign indeed. 27.25×17.75in.
319 Leather Cash Bag plated “LNER Wages Pinchbeck”. Brass closing disc retains the “GNR Pinchbeck” wax seal impression. V.g.c.
320 LNER, GCR pattern 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “LNE-C 3724” and brass plated “LNE-C 3724 Northorpe”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and unpainted.
321 Oval cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “35C” (Peterborough, Spital Bridge). A scarce code, unrestored.
322 Eighteen Great Northern Railway copper Plates from Signal Lamps. All from Lincolnshire including “Havenhouse, Bardney, Heckington, Sibsey, Thorpe Culvert” etc. (18).
323 LNER cast iron Station Seat Back Nameplate “Long Sutton”. Face restored only. 35.75in. long.
324 GNR large 3 aspect Handlamp with fogging glass brass plated “Great Northern Railway Company Ancaster No. 3”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and unrestored.
325 “Eastern Counties Time Table” enamel Header. Light edge and screwhole chipping only. Very good colour and shine. 24×7.5in.
326 Box containing Railway Keys with brass or paper titled tags attached.
327 A Selection of Uniform Buttons from the Midland & Great Northern Railway, Norfolk & Suffolk Railway and Eastern & Midlands Railway Companies. All different. (10).
328 Aluminium Single Line Tablet inscribed “Sutton Bridge Dk. Jc. – Long Sutton” from the M&GN Route. V.g.c.
329 M&GNJR enamel Signal Box Instrument Plates: “To Holbeach West” (with some restoration) and “From Sutton Bridge Dock Junc.” (g.c.) (2).
330 BR(E) half flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Sleaford”. Edge re-touching only and with fine deep colour and shine.
331 GNR 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “Great Northern Railway Company New England 86”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored.
332 Midland Railway brass Signal Box Lever Description Plate “Down Slow Line Home To Doncaster”. V.g.c. with remains of original wax infill to lettering.
333 Oval cast brass ‘9×5’ Locomotive Works Numberplate “LNER 69491 Doncaster Works 1898”. As originally carried by a GNR D3 Class 4-4-0 No. 1317 later 4317, 2132 and BR 62132. Withdrawn in Dec. 1950. The number strip “69491” is from a Class N2 0-6-2T and the plates were erroneously put together whilst the pair were in Works for overhaul. The main plate has a top chamfer presumably to fit under a bolt head on the locomotive.
334 Cast iron Fire Bucket Bracket bearing the initials of the Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Co. (Ex-Ollerton).
335 “Morton Road Station G.N.Ry.” brass Office Stamp on a turned wooden handle. V.g.c.
336 Two Document Bag brass Labels: “Depot Master Motive Power New England Peterborough / Traffic Accounting Office Langley House Stevenage” double sided (5.25×4.25in) and “B.T.C. Wages Motive Power Boston” on its leather mount. (3.5x3in. ). (2).
337 Metal Oil Storage Can with large metal plate “GNR Newark Midland Crossing Paraffin” complete with stopper and restored. 13.5in. tall overall. The signal box controlled the well-known flat crossing where the East Coast Main Line bisects the Newark to Lincoln Line, still in existence today but without the signal box.
338 LNER, GCR pattern 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “LNE-C” and brass plated “London & North Eastern Railway Crowle Cent.” Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored.
339 GNR large 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “Great Northern Railway Company Willoughby and Sutton 5” and also a large metal plate “GNR Willoughby and Sutton No. 46 Gate House”. Complete with all fittings, GNR vessel and glasses (green cracked). Restored.
340 “Great Northern Station Hotel” oval china Dish with a base registration mark for 1877 together with a “Great Northern Station Hotel Lincoln” china Milk Jug. Both items are repaired / cracked but are scarce survivors. (2).
341 “M & GN 217” oval cast iron Bridge Numberplate from the girder structure over the river at the west end of North Drove station. Unrestored.
342 A Bag containing 21 ivorine and trafolite Signal Box Instrument Plates most bearing Lincolnshire names.
343 Great Northern Railway cast iron Signal Post Finial embossed with the company initials and casting number. 31in. tall.
344 Leather Cash Bag brass plated “M&GN Ferry & Wisbech”. Complete with LNER brass closing disc and an in service repair to the leather.
345 GNR large 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “Great Northern Railway Company Guyhime” (sic). Complete with GNR vessel, all fittings and glasses (green cracked). Restored. GURHIRNE was a GN & GE Joint station north west of March.
346 City of Lincoln cast aluminium double sided Bus Stop Post Finial lettered “Stage Bus Stop” above a red cross on a shield. With its integral post mounting collar. V.g.c. 15.25in. tall.
347 GNR engraved brass Signal Box Instrument Plates: “From High Ferry” (polished) and “To Firsby South” (v.g.c.) (2).
348 LNER cast iron Station Seat Back Nameplate “Grimsby Docks”. Face restored only. 39.75in. long.
349 LNER, GNR pattern 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “London & North Eastern Railway Sibsey 7”. Complete with all fittings and glasses including an unusual inset bullseye front lens. Unpainted.
350 Two “GNR” Office metal Paperweights. One is fashioned from a 1913 dated bullhead rail section. (2).
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