August 2020 Lots 201 – 250

Welcome to our August 2020 auction. The lots in this sale will finish on the following
bidding blocks on telephone numbers 01949 21105 or 01949 21106.
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Lots 201 – 210 Closing time Wednesday Aug 5th 1.00pm tel. 01949 21105
201 Two LNWR cast iron Signal Box Lever Description Plates “Pig Siding” and Crane Siding”. V.g.c. (2). SOLD FOR
202 Engraved brass Locomotive Builder’s Plate “Hudswell Clarke & Co. Ltd. Leeds Railway Foundry No. 1695 1938”. Braze repairs to bolt holes. 13×8.25in. SOLD FOR
203 SNCF double royal pictorial Poster “Isle de France” by A. Hambourg. Some tape stains to edges but no folds. N/S
204 North British Railway pair of brass Block Shelf Plates “Up Line Tracks” and “Down Line Tracks”. Ex-Dundee Tay Bridge Signal Box. SOLD FOR
205 London Transport cast iron Bridge Numberplate “o 33” from the Ongar branch. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
206 SE&CR “Station Shunters Lobby” enamel Doorplate. Chips to screwholes otherwise v.g.c. 24in. long. SOLD FOR
207 Carriage Print “Grimsby, Lincolnshire” by E.T. Holding from the LNER 1945 – 47 series. V.g.c. and in an original glazed frame. SOLD FOR
208 LNER cast brass ‘9×5’ Locomotive Works Numberplate “LNER 8153 1933” as carried by Class Y1 0-4-0 Sentinel Shunter No. 68153. It became Departmental No. 54 in Oct. 1954. SOLD FOR
209 MR brass barrelled Propelling Dip Pen. Nicely marked on the body “Midland Railway” in full. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
210 Midland & Great Northern Joint Rly. 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “M&GNJR 2182 Per. Way Wryde”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Restored. A location on the Peterborough – Wisbech line closed in Dec. 1957. SOLD FOR
Lots 211 – 220 Closing time Wednesday Aug 5th 1.00pm tel. 01949 21106
211 “LYR Guard” nickel Cap Badge in v.g.c., together with a smaller “LYR” initials only Cap / Collar Badge also v.g.c. (2). SOLD FOR
212 “South African Railways 838 16CR” cast brass Locomotive Cabside Numberplate in ex-service condition. As carried by the 4-6-2 built by NBL Co (22732 of 1921). SOLD FOR
213 “Wilson Line” silver plated Teapot. Nicely face inscribed with the title scrolls. Lovely condition. 6in. tall o/all. N/S
214 “L&NWR Outside Porter No. 1 Bare Lane” engraved brass Armband complete with a later leather strap. V.g.c. The station was east of Morecambe closed in Feb. 1994. SOLD FOR
215 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “84B” (Oxley then St. Blazey). Face restored only. SOLD FOR
216 Great Central Railway Signal Lamp Interior stamped “G.C.R” and copper plated “Brigg”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
217 “N.C.T. Motorbus Request Stop” double sided enamel Sign (Nottingham City Transport). General chipping but good colour and shine. 15.75x15in. SOLD FOR
218 Festiniog Railway paper Carriage Notice regarding the issue of First and Second Class Tickets. Dated Oct. 1908 and in its original carved wooden glazed frame. 16.25×4.75in. SOLD FOR
219 South Eastern & Chatham Railway Guards Pocket Watch by Waltham U.S.A. The ornately engraved movement marked “15 jewels” and “The American Waltham Watch Co.” The case back inscribed “SE & CR 1041”. V.g.c. and working order. N/S
220 North Eastern Railway mahogany cased 10in. Wall Clock with a chain driven fusee movement. The restored face lettered “W. Potts & Sons Leeds NER”. Complete with a key but lacks pendulum. Looks in v.g.c. mechanically. SOLD FOR
Lots 221 – 230 Closing time Wednesday Aug 5th 2,00pm tel. 01949 21105
221 Aluminium Single Line Tablet inscribed “Sudbury – Chappel 3”. From the GER Marks Tey – Long Melford line. SOLD FOR
222 LNER large silver plated Teapot by Gladwin, Sheffield. “LNER” script initials to the face. Superb. SOLD FOR
223 “LMS Hope Derbyshire” official photographic Waiting Room Picture of the village in its original oak frame with gilt slip. V.g.c. 31.5×21.5in. SOLD FOR
224 Caledonian Railway small silver plated Hot Milk Jug by Walker and Hall. Nicely face inscribed with the “CR” monogram. V.g.c. 5.5in. tall o/all. SOLD FOR
225 LNER, GER sliding knobs pattern 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “Postland 1” and date stamped for 1931. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Back handle removed. Restored. A former GN & GE Jt. station between Spalding and March closed in Sept. 1961. SOLD FOR
226 GWR pre-grouping cast iron “Tickets” Station Door / Barrier Plate. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
227 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “60884”. As carried by the ‘V2’ Class 2-6-2. An Ardsley and Darlington loco, it was w/d in Sept. 1965 and cut up by Thomson’s Stockton-on-Tees. A fine smokebox in totally ex-loco condition. SOLD FOR
228 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “53A” (Hull Dairycoates). Face restored and mounted on a wooden display panel. SOLD FOR
229 Midland Railway silver Ambulance Medal awarded to H. Eatherley for First Aid rendered at Shipley Gate April 26th. 1914. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
230 Enamel Sign “Caldicotts Private Station”. Restored. 33×10.5in. The only reference we can find for this name is GWR Caldicot Halt or Caldicott Tin Plate Works between Severn Tunnel Junction and Portskewett where a private station may have existed for the latter’s employees trains. SOLD FOR
Lots 231 – 240 Closing time Wednesday Aug 5th 2.00pm tel. 01949 21106
231 GWR engraved brass Signal Box Lever Plate “29 Up Main Safety From Notch 3 to 4 by 28”. V.g.c. 7in. long. SOLD FOR
232 Carriage Print “Wakefield Chantry, Yorkshire” by Sidney Causer from the LNER 1945 – 47 series. V.g.c. and in an original type glazed frame. SOLD FOR
233 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “LMS built 1937 Crewe”. Face restored only a while ago. Locos built that year were 3P 2-6-2T 40185 – 95, 4F 0-6-0 44562 – 76, 7P 4-6-2 46220 – 4 and 8F 2-8-0 48015 – 26. SOLD FOR
234 GNR Somersault Signal Lamp Interior with a copper location plate “Gonerby”. (Nottingham – Grantham line). Complete with all fittings and glasses. Restored. SOLD FOR
235 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Woburn Sands”. Edge / flange chips and the maroon a tad grainy but with good shine. A former LNWR station on the Bletchley – Bedford line. SOLD FOR
236 “GNR to lift 20 cwts” cast iron Crane Plate in fine ex-service condition. 18x3in. SOLD FOR
237 Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway cast iron ‘Firebuckets’ Notice. V.g.c and face restored only. SOLD FOR
238 “Car 6 Stop” fully flanged enamel Platform Sign. Edge chipping. 18x12in. SOLD FOR
239 Midland Railway ornate cast iron Wall Lamp Bracket together with its brass vessel complete with burner. Bracket and vessel both clearly marked “MR Co.” SOLD FOR
240 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “32B” (Ipswich). Restored. SOLD FOR
Lots 241 – 250 Closing time Wednesday Aug 5th 3.00pm tel. 01949 21105
241 Southern Railway Pneumatic Signal Arm cast iron Spectacle Plate by Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co. complete with glasses and threaded rear spindle. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
242 “L&NWR Co. 66” oval cast iron Bridge Numberplate. Face restored only. N/S
243 “GWR Loco Dept.” brass Thunderer Whistle in v.g.c. Uncommon. SOLD FOR
244 Carriage Print “Loch Linnhe and Morven Hills, Western Highlands” by Jack Merriott from the 1956-57 Scottish Region series. V.g.c. and in an original type glazed frame. SOLD FOR
245 “LNER double royal enamel Poster Board Header. V.g.c. and in a wooden frame 31×8.5in. o/all. SOLD FOR
246 GER octagonal cast iron Bridge Numberplate “2262”. Restored. SOLD FOR
247 North Eastern Railway steel Single Line Staff / Tablet inscribed “Stokesley to Potto 4” V.g.c. 8×4.25in. A section of the Picton – Battersby line in North Yorkshire closed in Jan 1960. SOLD FOR
248 “North Eastern Railway Smoking Strictly Prohibited” paper Notice with the instruction in eleven other languages. In its original wooden frame 17.25×11.5in. Probably from one of the company’s docks. Unusual. N/S
249 LNER wooden cased double line Signal Box Block Instrument in good ex-box condition. SOLD FOR
250 GWR Locomotive Nameplate “Tawstock Court”. As carried by the ‘Saint’ Class 4-6-0 No. 2951 built at Swindon in 1913. Latterly a Gloucester engine it was withdrawn in 1952 and cut up at Swindon. The nameplate has been face restored, the back is ex-loco. A fine early plate complete with the original purchase paperwork dated Sept 1952, when our vendor’s father bought the nameplate for £1! The namesake building is 2 miles south of Barnstaple. SOLD FOR

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