November 2023 Lots 351-400

Cedric Ford Pavilion, Newark Showground, Lincoln Rd, NG24 2NY
Viewing from 8.00am on morning of sale – Sale starts 10.00am
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351 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Marple”. From the former GC & Mid station near Romiley. Usual flange wear only otherwise v.g.c. with good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
352 Midland Railway General Purpose Handlamp with re-entrant style top handle. Large “Midland Railway Co.” brass plate to top. Complete with original “MR Co” rape oil vessel, all fittings and glasses and with original red paintwork. n/s
353 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “8H” (Birkenhead). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
354 “Devon County Council” double sided cast iron Sign Post Top complete with integral mounting collar and bolt. V.g.c. and restored. 11.75in. dia. SOLD FOR
355 Engraved brass Locomotive Builders Plate “London North Eastern Railway Co. No. 2028 Doncaster 1948”. As carried by the Peppercorn A2 Pacific No. 60537 named “Bachelors Button” after the 1905 Doncaster Cup winning racehorse. The loco was withdrawn from St. Margaret’s in Dec. 1962 after 10 years at Haymarket and was cut up by Campbell’s, Airdrie following storage at Bathgate for two years. The worksplate is very lightly face polished only, the back clearly stamped “537”. SOLD FOR
356 Cast aluminium Industrial Locomotive Nameplate “Sir Alfred Wood”. Unrestored with some additional face holes. 36in. long. As carried by the 0-6-0 DM by Ruston Hornsby (319294 of 1953) which worked for the British Sugar Corporation before passing into preservation. SOLD FOR
357 LNER enamel Sign “The public must not cross the railway lines. Goods office over footbridge” with directional arrow. Very nice condition with excellent colour and shine. In a beaded frame 49.5×24.75in. o/all. SOLD FOR
358 Great Western Railway mahogany cased Spagnoletti Block Instrument for double line working. Good condition. SOLD FOR
359 Chemin de Fer du Nord pictorial Poster titled “Beauvais la Ville du Moyen Age”. Artwork by Jeanne Thil depicting Joan of Arc repelling invaders from a castle battlements. V.g.c. with no folds and in a glazed frame ready to hang. 44x32in. o/all. n/s
360 Cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “Saechs Maschinen Fabrik Vorm Rich. Hartmann Actien – Gesellschaft. Chemnitz 1921 No. 4429”. Cleaned 14.5x7in. As carried by 3’-6” gauge 4-6-4T. To Staats, Spoorwegen, Java, Class C28 No. 1334. SOLD FOR
361 Brass Number Strip “62708” from the ‘9×5’ Works Numberplate carried by the LNER D49 4-4-0 “Argyllshire”. Built at Darlington in 1928, w/d from Thornton Jct in May 1959 and cut up at Darlington. SOLD FOR
362 BR Locomotive Headlamp complete with all fittings and glasses. Restored. SOLD FOR
363 BR(M) fully flanged pair of enamel Doorplates: “Station Master” and “Mr. H. W. Smith”. One small chip to the former. V.g.c. Mr. Smith was S.M. at Alrincham station. (2). SOLD FOR
364 Mahogany cased Lineman’s Amp Meter. The silvered dial with brass bezel inscribed “Elliott Bros. London”. Bakelite knob selector with brass arrow and “On” & “Off” plates. 6in. tall. n/s
365 “LNER Caution Beware of Trains”. Casting No. 0.161 and “LNER” in lower left corner. An unusual pattern in very good ex-lineside condition. 20x14in. SOLD FOR
366 North British Railway 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “NBR” top and body and stamped “3004 S Dollar”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored. The location is NE of Alloa. SOLD FOR
367 “L&YRy. Exchange Station Hotel Liverpool” face inscribed silver plated 2.5 pint Coffee Pot by Elkington. 9in. tall o/all. SOLD FOR
368 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “17A” (Derby). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
369 Brass Platform Lamp Interior Lamp plated “LNER Meldreth” complete with burner and glass chimney. A former GNR station on the Hitchin – Cambridge Line. SOLD FOR
370 Double sided enamel Advertising Sign with wall mounting flange “Agent for Lipton’s Teas” by the Falkirk Iron Co. One face in v.g.c., the other with a restored centre chip. 16.5x13in. SOLD FOR
371 Oval cast brass Locomotive Worksplate “LMS Re-Built 1923 Derby”. Face restored and polished only. Back is inscribed “Pattern No. 2”. 10.5x6in. SOLD FOR
372 BR(NE) flangeless enamel Station Doorplate “Waiting Room” in v.g.c. with minor edge wear only. SOLD FOR
373 Cast brass Nameplate “Excelsior” as carried by a Burrell Showman’s Traction Engine. Lightly polished only. 14.5in. long. SOLD FOR
374 North British Railway Bulpitts Patent 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “NBR 1782 S Reston” and brass plated “Bulpitt & Sons 1906 Birmingham”. Complete with original Bulpitt vessel and burner, all glasses including orange aspect and restored. A former ECML station and junction for the Borders Line to St. Boswells. SOLD FOR
375 Rly Exec (WR) double royal pictorial Poster “By Rail to Wales” by Wooton. The artwork shows a train headed by the Pioneer Standard Class 5 loco no. 73000 with a castle on the hillside. Three cellotaped edge nicks to top and bottom otherwise folds only. n/s
376 Great Eastern Railway cast iron Bridge Numberplate “2119” from the structure between Saffron Walden and Bartlow. Unrestored. SOLD FOR
377 Cast aluminium Locomotive Numberplate “781 364 – 5” as carried by the Czech CSD Class M62 Diesel which were similar to the DR V200 locos. Unrestored. 35×7.75in. SOLD FOR
378 BR(S) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Higham” with black flange and in excellent condition. A former SE&CR station between Hoo Junction and Sharnal Street. SOLD FOR
379 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “73F” (Ashford in Kent). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
380 Cast brass LNER ‘9×5’ Locomotive Works Numberplate “London & North Eastern Railway 65853 Beyer Peacock Co. Ltd. 1908”. Cleaned only. As carried by the J27 Class 0-6-0 w/d Feb. 1967 from Sunderland and cut up by Hughes Bolckow, North Blyth. SOLD FOR
381 Great Northern Railway miniature Somersault Signal Lamp Interior copper plated “Carlton F” (i.e. Carlton Field which was a signal box in the Colwick Marshalling Yard). Complete with copper cap, all fittings and glasses and in v.g.c. SOLD FOR
382 “L&Y & L&NWR Cos” silver plated Sauce Boat by Gibson & Co. Belfast. The company initials inscribed in a belted garter. Good condition 7.75in. long. SOLD FOR
383 “LNER” double royal enamel Poster Board Header from Soham station. Light edge chipping only. Very good colour and shine. 28.5in. long. SOLD FOR
384 Large Webb & Thompson Single Line Staff inscribed “Beckermet Mines Jct” and “Egremont”. V.g.c. A section of the former Whitehaven Cleator & Egremont Railway (Furness & LNW Joint Rly). SOLD FOR
385 A brass bound mahogany Box with carrying handle holding 110 official LMS glass plate Slides each 3.25×3.25in and most bear “London Midland & Scottish Railway” paper labels with a subject number which relates to a typed list covering locomotives, stations, perm. way, buildings, rolling stock and misc. subjects. The box measures 17x5x5 and is secured by leather straps. A wonderful survivor. SOLD FOR
386 “G.C.Ry” cast iron Boundary Post. V.g.c. 29.75in. tall. SOLD FOR
387 Oval engraved brass Locomotive Worksplate “No. 2061 Darlington 1950”. As carried by the Peppercorn A1 Class Pacific No. 60142 named “Edward Fletcher” after the first Locomotive Superintendent & C.M.E. of the NER (1854 – 1883). A Gateshead, Heaton and Tweedmouth Loco, it was w/d June 1965 and cut up by Hughes Bolckow, North Blyth. SOLD FOR
388 Three engraved brass Signal Box Instrument Plates: “Tottenham Hale”; “Tottenham Station” and “Tottenham North Junction”. All in v.g.c. (3). SOLD FOR
389 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “47479”. Restored. As carried by the LMS Class 3F 0-6-0T. built at the Vulcan Foundry (4181 of 1928). During BR it was allocated to Swansea, Wolverton Works and Nuneaton. It was w/d from the latter in Aug. 1962 and cut up by Cashmore’s, Great Bridge. SOLD FOR
390 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Sign “British Railways (in totem) No Smoking”. Edge / flange chipping only. Very good colour and shine. 24x12in. SOLD FOR
391 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “62A” (Thornton Junction). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
392 London & South Western Railway Signal Box Preece Telegraph / Block Plunger in v.g.c. SOLD FOR
393 Original Oil Painting by the Grantham artist, the late Terry Shelbourne featuring a view of Grantham station south end with an Atlantic hauled express by the yard signal box and Atlantic and A3 locos in the engine sidings. Oil on canvas and framed. 23.75×19.75in. o/all. SOLD FOR
394 Brass faced mahogany cased Signal Box Points Indicator Instrument with “Locked / Free” flag. In very good condition. SOLD FOR
395 Large leather bound Album, landscape format (19×13.5in) containing a collection of official photographs of Great Central Rly and LNER locomotives, coaches and rolling stock assembled in the 1920’s. Approx. 60 large images with good clarity. At the rear are a number of LNER and BR photos of Manchester Sheffield & Wath Electric Locos plus photos from other sources. Must be viewed. SOLD FOR
396 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “44010” together with its “LMS Built 1925 Derby” cast brass Worksplate. The smokebox is in ex-loco condition and the worksplate is lightly face polished only. They are as carried by the 4F Class 0-6-0 allocated to Staveley (Barrow Hill), it was w/d in Oct. 1963 and cut up at Doncaster. SOLD FOR
397 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “65D” (Dawsholm). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
398 Southern Railway miniature 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “SR” and with brass “E” plate. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Restored. SOLD FOR
399 Steel Single Line Key. The brass end plates inscribed “Rufford Jct – Blidworth Jct. 34”. V.g.c. with remains of original chrome plating. SOLD FOR
400 Industrial Locomotive cast brass nameplate “Elizabeth”. Face restored only 25in. long. As carried by the 0-4-0ST built by Hudswell Clarke (1888 of 1958) which worked for Bradford Corporation at their Esholt Sewage Dept. £500