November 2020 Lots 48-101

Welcome to our November – December 2020 Auction
Bidding Times: Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm.
Saturday – Sunday – CLOSED.
Please check deadline times and telephone numbers carefully for each lot.
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Lots 48 – 76 Closing time Monday Nov. 30th. 3.00pm tel. 01949 21105
48 “NER 1265 Pooley & Son Liverpool” curved cast brass Weighing Machine Plate. V.g.c. and unrestored.
49 BR(S) Buffer Stop Lamp complete with its red disc, red bullseye lens and a “SR” marked correct interior lamp. Restored.
50 Great Northern Railway cast iron Gate Notice. “GNR” impressed in the back. V.g.c. and unrestored.
51 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “8F” (Wigan Springs Branch). Unrestored.
52 BR(W) Stop Watch by Lemonia. The case back inscribed “BR-W 5518”. Usual service wear but good working order.
53 Guard’s Pocket Watch by Smith. The case back inscribed “LNER”, crossed through and later inscribed “BR(Sc) 505”. A very fine watch featuring delicate hands and numerals, a lovely enamelled dial and is in working order.
54 GWR Guard’s Pocket Watch, Swiss made by Revue, with a very good enamelled dial with 24 hour Arabic numerals. The case back inscribed “GWR 02917”. Working order.
55 Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway Swiss made Guard’s Pocket Watch by Limit. The case back inscribed “M.S.J.A. 96”. The enamelled dial has a painted chip at 4 o’clock. A rarely offered company but the watch is not working and requires attention.
56 GWR Marine Dept. large 25mm. gilt Button. V.g.c. (Froggatt 26/13).
57 LMSR full title Marine Dept. 22mm. gilt Button. V.g.c. (Froggatt 22/7).
58 L&NW Marine Dept. large 25mm. gilt Button. V.g.c. (Frog. 9/13).
59 Taff Vale Railway “TVR” initials and wreath senior staff 24mm. gilt Button. V.g.c. a scarce button in the Froggatt Supplement (154/10).
60 GCR Marine Dept. small 14mm. gilt Button. V.g.c. (Frog. 3/12).
61 Midland Railway Marine Dept. large 23mm. gilt Button. V.g.c. (Frog. 11/14).
62 Brecon & Merthyr Railway large 25mm. brass Senior Staff Issue initials and loco Button. Tarnished but v.g.c. (Frog. 23/15).
63 Rhymney Railway small 16mm. brass title and loco Button. V.g.c. (Frog. 23/13).
64 Nottingham Joint Station Committee small 16mm. brass Button worn by staff at Victoria Station (GN & GC). V.g.c. (Frog 47/18).
65 Pair of District Railway Buttons: 25mm. brass script initials with a slight dent (Frog. 38/11); 16mm. black horn example in v.g.c. (not listed in Froggatt).
66 LB & SCR Steam Packets small 16mm. brass Button. V.g.c. and scarce.
67 GNR Senior Staff 22mm. gilt Button with Victorian crown. V.g.c. (Frog. 3/17).
68 Cardiff Railway large 23mm. brass loco and sailing ship Button in v.g.c. (Frog. 23/12).
69 Furness Railway large 23mm. brass coat of arms Button. V.g.c. but with a dented back. (Frog. 19/1).
70 Colne Valley & Halstead Railway large brass “CVR” script Button in v.g.c. (Frog. 3/4).
71 Jersey Railway large brass one piece coat of arms Button 26mm. in v.g.c. (Frog. 50/8) together with a Jersey Eastern Railway small 17mm. nickel script button in v.g.c. (Frog. 50/9). (2).
72 Pair of cast iron Crane Plates: “J. Booth & Bros. Ltd. Engineers Rodley Leeds 1921”. Two circular hole cut-outs. Nicely restored. 30.25×13.8in. together with a safe working load sign “S.W.L 8 Tons”. Restored 22×11.25in. (2).
73 “Snowdon Mountain Railway Llanberis Station and Royal Victoria Hotel” sepia Carriage Photograph. A superb panoramic period view. A minor mark to top right corner otherwise v.g.c. and in a glazed frame. 37.25x10in. o/all.
74 Southern Railway Signal Lamp with large steel plate “Torrington”. Unrestored. Former LSWR North Devon terminus closed in Oct. 1965.
75 Original Signal Box Diagram “Sewerby” (between Bridlington and Filey). Includes gradient diagram. V.g.c. and in its original glazed oak frame. 38.25x15in. o/all.
76 “NER Lowthorpe” brass Cash Bag Label on its leather mount. V.g.c. Driffield – Bridlington line station closed in Jan. 1970.
Lots 77 – 101 Closing time Monday Nov. 30th. 3.00pm tel. 01949 21106
77 “LNER Carnaby” and “Carnaby” brass Cash bag Labels on their leather mounts. V.g.c. Driffield – Bridlington line. Station closed Jan. 1970. (2).
78 “NER North Grimston” brass Cash bag Label on its leather mount. V.g.c. Ex-Malton & Driffield Rly. station closed in June 1950.
79 “NER Wharram” brass Cash Bag Label on its leather mount. V.g.c. Ex-Malton & Driffield Rly. station closed in June 1950.
80 “NER Wetwang” brass Cash Bag Label on its leather mount. V.g.c. Ex-Malton & Driffield Rly. station closed in June 1950.
81 “NER Wetwang (Wages)” brass Cash Bag Label on its leather mount. V.g.c. details as lot 80.
82 Brass Cash bag Label “Ainderby” on its original leather mount. The style of lettering may suggest pre-North Eastern Railway. V.g.c. A former station on the Wensleydale line.
83 “LNER Wages Kgs X Enquiry Office” brass Cash bag Label on its original leather mount. V.g.c.
84 “Great Central Railway Plan of the Company’s Docks and Properties at Grimsby 1899”. Nicely detailed, light folds and in a glazed frame. 15.75x12in. o/all.
85 LNER Driver’s 2 aspect Handlamp from Colwick Loco. Rear handle stamped “Colk. No. 238.” Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored.
86 “LNER Hotels” base marked china Milk Pourer by Dudson. Embossed decoration to the body. V.g.c. 2.25in. tall.
87 Cast aluminium Locomotive Builder’s Plate “Built by British Rail Engineering Limited Doncaster Works 1978”. As carried by the Class 56 DE Loco. No. 56055 (number stamped in the back). Face lightly painted only. 7×4.75in.
88 Pen and colour wash Painting by Graham Wheatley 1974 depicting a ex-LMS Black 5 on fast freight. In a glazed wooden frame with lined out card slip mount. 18×16.25in. o/all.
89 “Midland Railway” stoneware Bottle very nicely face marked. Tiny rim chip otherwise v.g.c. 6.1in. tall.
90 “LNER Flag-Man” enamel Armband. Lacking straps but v.g.c.
91 “GN & GE 30” cast iron Bridge Number Plate from a structure at Nocton. Face restored only.
92 LNER Cap with three perimeter bands of red piping. Cloth and gilt wire “LNER” oval badge. Good used condition.
93 A Book “Poster to Poster Vol. 7 The Glorious South- West” by Richard Furness. 263pp. profusely illustrated published 2014 and complete with dust covers. Arguably one of the best volumes in this excellent series covering the holiday destinations we are all familiar with. V.g.c.
94 LNER very small glass Carafe or Posey Vase. Slender fluted neck and a star cut base. “LNER” acid etched script initials to the face. V.g.c. 5.5in. tall.
95 Great Western Railway small sized cast aluminium Single Line Key Token Hoop nicely incised “GWR 1010”. Good ex-service condition.
96 Brass Steam Locomotive Whistle mounted on a polished wooden block. 3.6in. diameter bell, 10in tall overall.
97 LNER double royal timetable Poster for the ex-GNSR lines headed “Sunday Train Service from 1st. June 1930”. Main line and branches. Light folds otherwise v.g.c.
98 Aluminium Platform Numbers “2” and “5” ex-March station. V.g.c. complete with suspension hangers. 16.5×15.75in. plus hangers.
99 Carriage Print “Felixstowe, Suffolk” by F.W. Baldwin from the 1948-55 series. V.g.c. and in an original type glazed frame.
100 Cast brass Locomotive Nameplate “Stanton No. 39” together with its cast brass worksplate “North British Locomotive Company Ltd. Glasgow 1954 No. 27413”. As carried by an 0-4-0 Diesel Hydraulic at Stanton Ironworks, Ilkeston, Derbys. The plates face restored only. The nameplate 30.75in. long and the worksplate is 13.5×5.5in. (2).
101 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “64C” (Dalry Road). Cleaned otherwise ex-loco condition.

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