November 2020 Lots 461-500

Welcome to our November – December 2020 Auction
Bidding Times: Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm.
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Lots 461 – 491 Closing time Wed. Dec. 2nd. 4.00pm tel. 01949 21105
461 Brass Coach Plate “Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Company Ld. Builders Gloucester,England”. The title within a raised “G” with a stippled background. Attractive but screwholes are torn. 8.5×6.25in.
462 Cambrian Railway Boundary Post. Comprises a cast iron tablet embossed “CR” bolted to a length of bullhead rail. Fine original condition 50in. tall.
463 Cast brass Cab Plate from the 1950’s District Line Underground ‘R’ Stock Driver’s Cab “The British Thomson – Houston Co. Ltd. Rugby England Master Controller etc. “. Unrestored. 6x4in.
464 “Great Northern & London & North Western Railway Joint Lines” fully titled cast iron Gate Notice. A scarce notice in very good unrestored condition.
465 A Collection of 42 whole Edmondson Travel Tickets relating to the Great Northern & London & North Western Joint Line. Headings include GN & L&NW Jt. Ry., LNER, LMS and BR(M). 24 tickets are to blank destinations. Locations include Melton Mowbray North, Great Dalby, Long Clawson & Hose, Barnstone, Tilton, East Norton, Scalford, Hallaton. Some are undated and condition is good. (42).
466 BR(S) nickel and enamel “Porter” totem Cap Badge by Gaunt. V.g.c.
467 BR(S) nickel and enamel “Ticket Collector” totem Cap Badge by Gaunt. V.g.c.
468 BR(S) brass and enamel large “Ticket Collector” fishtail Cap Badge by Gaunt. V.g.c.
469 BR(M) nickel and enamel “Foreman” totem Cap Badge by Gaunt. V.g.c.
470 London Transport enamel and nickel Cap Badge by Firmin. Tram and Trolley Bus Staff 1934-62. V.g.c.
471 London Transport enamel and nickel Cap Badge by Gaunt. V.g.c.
472 London Transport Information chrome and enamel Cap Badge. V.g.c.
473 London Transport “British Transport Commission Police” nickel Cap Badge. Light service wear.
474 London Transport enamel and nickel Cap Badge by Firmin. V.g.c.
475 North Eastern Railway First World War Service Lapel Badge. V.g.c.
476 BR Experimental cloth Badge 1964 – 66. Nickel lion holding wheel on felt backing with braided rope and wire borders. V.g.c.
477 BR Experimental bronzed brass Cap Badge. Lion holding wheel within laurel wreath surround. V.g.c.
478 Two Ian Allan Locospotters Club nickel and enamel Lapel Badges. Midland Region (pin back) and Eastern Region (buttonhole back). Both v.g.c. (2).
479 “HRB” gilt Cap Badge with laurel wreath surround. V.g.c.
480 “Paisley District Tramways” Staff Cap Badge. Bronzed finish. V.g.c.
481 “The Wemyss and District Tramways Company Limited” Staff Cap Badge. Bronzed finish. V.g.c.
482 “Wallasey Corporation Transport” Staff Cap Badge. Bronzed finish. V.g.c.
483 “Southend Corporation Tramways 471” enamel and nickel Cap Badge. V.g.c.
484 “St. Helens Corporation Transport 4642” enamel and nickel Cap Badge. V.g.c.
485 “The Grey Cars” chromed and enamel Staff Cap Badge. V.g.c.
486 Birmingham Midland Motor Omnibus Co. “Midland Red Traffic Inspector B.M.M.O.Co.Ltd.” enamel and brass Cap Badge. V.g.c.
487 “Royal Blue Coaches Reliability Safety” enamel & brass Cap Badge plus another. (2).
488 “Southern National Ten Years Service” enamel and brass Cap Badge. V.g.c.
489 “Ticket Inspector” ornate heavy gilt and enamel Cap Badge. 82x61mm. o/all.
490 BR(E) enamel and brass large “Ticket Collector” fishtail Cap Badge. Enamel loss between ‘O’ and ‘L’. Together with BR(Sc) enamel and brass short “Ticket Collector” fishtail Cap Badge. Two tiny chips to the enamel. (2).
491 Rhodesia Railways chromed Cap Badges all inscribed “RR” with coat of arms and “Signalman”, “Station Master”, “Yardman”, “Yard Foreman”, “Guard” and “Shunter” (2 different). All in v.g.c. (7).
Lots 492 – 501 Closing time Wed. Dec. 2nd. 4.00pm tel. 01949 21106
492 Sixteen Paychecks from various companies as follows:
“L&NWR Camden Cartage 355” square embossed pewter with clipped corners.
“L&NWR Goods Broad St. 957” round embossed pewter.
“FRC Loco Works Barrow 116A” oval embossed brass.
“L&YR Co. Barnsley 14” round inscribed brass.
“L&YR Co. Blackpool Goods Dep. 206” round inscribed brass.
“L&YR Co. Poulton 252” round inscribed brass.
“L&YR Co Goods Dep. Bury L&Y” round inscribed pewter.
“LM & SR M.P. Shoeburyness 136” round embossed brass.
“LMS Blackpool Central 255” round embossed brass.
“LMS S & T Dept. Burton 32” rounded rectangular inscribed pewter.
“LMSR Mid. Division Loco Belle Vue 355” round embossed brass.
“LMSR Canklow M.P. 353” hexagonal embossed pewter.
“LMSR Heysham Harbour 384” round embossed pewter.
“Midland Railway Company St. Mary’s Derby 349” round embossed brass.
“MR WE Loco Dept. Leicester 586” oval embossed brass.
“MR Carriage & Wagon Dept. 9” oval embossed brass.
493 Fifteen Paychecks from various companies as follows:
Nottingham Joint Station Committee “NJSC 86” oval inscribed brass.
“LNER Leicester 237” oval inscribed brass.
“LNER Loco Dept. Annesley No. 74” oval embossed brass.
“LNER Loco Dept. Retford 425” round embossed brass.
“MS & LR 157” round inscribed brass.
“GCR C&W 394” vertical oval inscribed brass.
“GCR Goods Dept. 73” oval embossed brass.
“GCR PW 76” round inscribed brass.
“Loco York 1097” round inscribed pewter with flat base.
“NER Thirsk 40” hexagonal inscribed brass.
“NER Starbeck Loco 246” hexagonal inscribed brass.
“GWR Carriage Department 145” round embossed brass.
“Great Western Railway Loco Pay Cheque 165WR” (Worcester) oval embossed copper.
“BTC Motive Power Dept Guide Bridge 136” large oval inscribed brass.
“British Transport Commission Engineers Dept. Lincoln Pay 665” round embossed brass.
494 Engraved brass Locomotive Builder’s Plate “No. 2089 Darlington 1949”. Face lightly polished only. 11.75in. As carried by the J72 0-6-0T. No. 69008. A Tyne Dock, Dairycoates, York and Heaton loco it was w/d in Dec. 1963 and cut up at Thomson’s, Stockton-on-Tees.
495 “Great Northern Railway Beware of Trains. Look both up and down the line before you cross” cast iron Notice in ex-lineside condition.
496 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “41E” (Staveley). Face restored only a while ago.
497 Carriage Print “Wymondham, Norfolk” by L. Squirrell from the LNER 1945 – 55 Series. V.g.c. and in an original type glazed frame.
498 Pair of brass cased Pressure Gauges. Both are calibrated to 260 p.s.i. One is lettered “Crewe Works”, the other “LMS”. Both are in v.g.c. (2).
499 “GWR” embossed Train Tail Lamp. Original painting to chimney “Signal Dept. Tool Van Plymouth (North Road)”. Original “GWR” vessel and red bullseye lens but lacks its top cap. Unrestored.
500 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “45465” as carried by the LMS ‘Black 5’ 4-6-0 built at Crewe in 1938. A Perth engine in BR days it was w/d in Feb. 1964 and cut up at Inverurie Works. The plate is in totally ex-loco condition as purchased from BR by our vendor.

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