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Bidding Times: Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.
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Lots 320 – 339 Closing time Thursday May 13th 5.00pm tel. 01949 21105
320 Portpatrick & Wigtownshire Joint Railway 3 aspect Handlamp. Steel plate to the body “P.P. & W No. 151” and a brass plate “Thomas Knight & Co. Highgate Works Birmingham”. Complete with original but unmarked vessel with burner, filler cap and reflector. The blue glass is cracked. A very scarce lamp from this joint Caledonian, Glasgow & South Western, London & North Western and Midland concern running from Castle Douglas to Stranraer, Portpatrick and Whithorn. The lamp is devoid of paint and lightly polished only. sold for
321 An original pen and watercolour Painting by Graham Wheatley depicting an ex-LMS 2-6-0 (Crab) hauling mineral wagons past a colliery. A fine image presented in a glazed frame with card mount. 18×16.25in. o/all. n/s
322 A pair of curved brass Nameplates “Florence” and “Margaret” in the form of scrolls believed to have been carried by a pair of John Fowler steam ploughing engines. Completely original unrestored condition. Each measures 25in. across. sold for
323 Brass Cash Bag Labels “LNER Hopton” and “BR Lowestoft North and Lowestoft Central”. V.g.c. (2). Hopton and Lowestoft were Norfolk and Suffolk Joint line stations, both closing in May 1970. sold for
324 Aluminium Single Line Tablet “Long Sutton – Holbeach East”. Complete with leather pouch / hoop assembly. A section of the former M&GNJR Spalding – Sutton Bridge route closed in 1958. sold for
325 Hull & Barnsley Railway cast iron Signal Balance Weight by Saxby and Farmer. V.g.c. and restored. sold for
326 LNWR “Private” cast iron Signal Box Doorplate in good original condition. sold for
327 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Totem Sign “Uttoxeter”. Two very small chips and with superb colour and shine. A former NSR station opened in Oct. 1881. (See also lot no. 92). sold for
328 A large 3 aspect Handlamp with front lens protected by wire bars. The aspects are changed via a turn button under the base and the hinged top is secured by peg and chain. The original vessel locates in a suspended tray. The door catch slightly a/f but an interesting lamp in restored condition. 16.5in. tall to the top of the top handle. sold for
329 “L&NWR” and “LMS” Look-Out Men’s brass Warning Horns in v.g.c. (2). sold for
330 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “64A” (Edinburgh St. Margaret’s). Face painted only a while ago. sold for
331 North Eastern Railway Policeman’s hardwood Truncheon inscribed “NER 69” with remains of original red wax infill. V.g.c. and complete with original leather strap. “Hiatt & Co. Birmingham” stamped on the end. n/s
332 Highland Railway Handbell with engraved initials “HR” to face. A polished wooden handle with brass finial and is complete with clapper. V.g.c. 13in. tall o/all. sold for
333 LNER Boston Poster by Fred Taylor cut down for use as a picture featuring the famous ‘Stump’. A portion of the original poster titled “Boston on the London & North Eastern Railway of England & Scotland has survived and is pasted on the back. In a glazed frame 28.5×22.5in. o/all. sold for
334 Appleton’s type 3 aspect Handlamp with the top mounted ‘propeller’ for selecting the coloured aspects. No visible markings but the lamp is in v.g.c. complete with all fittings and glasses. sold for
335 GNR early style Signal lamp Interior with oval brass plate “Thomas’s Patent No. 1055” and steel plate “Thurnby”, a location on the Marefield Jct – Leicester Belgrave Road branch. Complete with copper top cap, wire handle, all glasses & sympathetically wired for electricity. sold for
336 Three Nottingham District Working Timetables with soft covers: LNER Oct. 1946 to May 1947 (111pp); BR(ER) May 1949 to Sept. 1949 (118pp) and BR(ER) Sept. 1950 until further notice (127pp). All in g.c. (3). n/s
337 BR(E) “Ticket Collector” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
338 BR(E) “Guard” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
339 BR(S) “Foreman” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
Lots 340 – 366 Closing time Thursday May 13th 5.00pm tel. 01949 21106
340 BR(S) “Guard” enamel and brass totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
341 BR(M) “Porter” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. n/s
342 BR(M) “Foreman” enamel and brass totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
343 BR(Sc) “Porter” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
344 BR(Sc) “Foreman” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
345 BR(NE) “Guard” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
346 BR(NE) “Porter” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
347 BR(W) “Ticket Collector” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
348 BR(W) “Foreman” enamel and nickel totem Cap Badge by Gaunt in v.g.c. sold for
349 GNR Ground Signal Lamp Case brass plated “Great Northern Railway No. 15973” (early serif lettering) and a copper plate “Leadenham”. With a correct interior lamp plated “Navenby”. Both stations were on the Grantham – Lincoln line and closed in Sept. 1962. Both complete and in v.g.c. sold for
350 “London Tilbury & Southend Railway Company” original Coat of Arms Transfer on a cream painted wooden panel. The back is stencilled “LNER Carriage Works York No. 385”. 16x15in. sold for
351 “L&NWR Co. 31” oval cast iron Bridge Numberplate. Face restored only. n/s
352 “London and North Eastern Railway” fully titled and crested nickel silver Pass. Reverse is lettered “LNER No. 269 L.E. Marr”. V.g.c. sold for
353 A pair of Furness Railway Station Canopy cast iron Spandrels incorporating the script “FR” initials. One is more intact than the other and measures 36x27in. Ex-Whitehaven Bransty station. sold for
354 “LNE – E Ely” 3 aspect Handlamp (GER sliding knob pattern) dated 1927. Brass plate to top “G. H. Walker”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Back handle removed. V.g.c. and restored a while ago. sold for
355 A Marine Engine possibly for a model boat comprising a boiler with water gauge, safety valve, spirit burner, and single cylinder oscillating engine with fly wheel. All on a wooden base plate 19.5x7in. sold for
356 A Lithographed tinplate Model Steam Plant probably of German manufacture comprising boiler on a brick effect base with valves, spirit burner and chimney and a single cylinder engine with flywheel. All on a tinplate base 9.5×8.25in. sold for
357 Two Bowman type live steam spirit fired 0-6-0 Tank Locos. One is lettered “LNER 1123”, the other “A G”. Original played with condition and housed in a purpose made wooden box. Also included is an original 1931 illustrated catalogue of “The Bowman Book of Steam Models”. 32pp. sold for
358 “Annat – Glenfinnan 13” bronze Single Line Tablet from the former NBR West Highland line between Fort William and Mallaig. sold for
359 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “9J” (Agecroft). Unrestored. n/s
360 Belfast & County Down Railway rectangular cast iron Bridge Plate “BCDR 322”. Face restored only. 11x7in. sold for
361 LMS 3 aspect Handlamp with brass oval company plate and a steel plate to the body “P. Wardell Barnwood 22B” (the former Midland Loco Shed in Gloucester). Complete with all fittings and glasses. Ex-service condition. n/s
362 BR(NER) double royal pictorial Poster “York” by Claude Buckle. Folds, small corner losses and some edge staining. sold for
363 Four Model London Buses. Dinky and Corgi examples plus another and a clockwork Triang example with some wear to the transfers. (4). n/s
364 LNER 3 aspect Handlamp from Colwick Loco. Body stamped “Colk” and metal plate to top “Coaling Plant Colwick”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Restored. sold for
365 Four brass cased Signal Box Repeater Instruments by ‘Syx’ “Signal On / Wrong / Off” (2); “Light In / Out” and “Track Clear / Occupied”. (4) sold for
366 Great Eastern Railway Locoman’s Flare Lamp clearly marked “GER”. V.g.c. sold for

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