March 2024 Lots 51-100

Saturday 23rd March 2024
Cedric Ford Pavilion, Newark Showground, Lincoln Rd, NG24 2NY
Viewing from 8.00am on morning of sale – Sale starts 10.00am
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51 “GN & GE 1” oval cast iron Bridge Numberplate from Sleaford. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
52 British Railways (Eastern & North Eastern Region) quad royal Poster Map of Yorkshire by Estra Clark 1949. Folds only. An above average map poster with many artwork illustrations of historical, social and geographical places of interest around the county. SOLD FOR
53 Enamel Advertising Sign “Wincarnis on sale at all refreshment rooms hotels and dining cars on this railway” reputedly from Kings Cross station. Some enamel and corrosion losses but very good colour and shine. 36x24in. SOLD FOR
54 Brass Single Line Tablet inscribed “Yorkshire Main Sidings – Denaby Siding” a section of former Hull & Barnsley Railway. SOLD FOR
55 “Built 1953 Derby” oval cast iron Locomotive Worksplate. Ex-loco condition with “Std 5 73XXX” scratched on the back. The substantial remains of original face paint appears to be Rail Blue! SOLD FOR
56 British Rail fully flanged and fully enamelled Station Doorplate “Inspectors”. V.g.c. Note: enamel not screen printed lettering. SOLD FOR
57 Southern Railway large 4 aspect Motorman’s Handlamp featuring the unique purple glass aspect. Plated “J. Coomber”, “E” and “534” with hanging metal tag also stamped “J. Coomber”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
58 BR(Sc) half flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Hartwood”. Good colour and shine. A former Caledonian station between Glasgow and Edinburgh. SOLD FOR
59 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Doorplate “Parcels and Left Luggage”. Minor chips to top corners. Very good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
60 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “75A” (Brighton). “BR(S)” Eastleigh triangle to rear. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
61 Pre-grouping enamel “Waiting Rooms” Sign by the Patent Enamel Co. Birmingham. Possibly Midland or Great Eastern Railway Companies. A few edge chips but good colour and shine. 23x11in. SOLD FOR
62 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “63658” as carried by the ex-GCR ‘04’ Class built by Kitson & Co. in 1918. A Colwick and Darnall loco during BR it was w/d Dec.1962 and cut up at Derby. SOLD FOR
63 Box of Miscellaneous Railwayana. SOLD FOR
64 “LNER Eastville Boston” brass plated leather Cash Bag in v.g.c. SOLD FOR
65 Wooden Signal Box Board with applied cast metal letters “Dukinfield Jc”. V.g.c. and restored. 86.5×9.75in. SOLD FOR
66 “LMS” twin compartment heavy glass Office Inkwell ex-Mytholmroyd station, West Yorkshire. 4x2in x 1.5in tall. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
67 Great Western Railway glass Inkwell with its original glass stopper face embossed “GWR”. V.g.c. 3in. tall. SOLD FOR
68 “South African Railways Suid Afrikaanse Spoorwee 3792 S2” cast brass Locomotive Cabside Numberplate as carried by the 0-8-0 built by Krupp (Works No. 3057) in 1952. Ex-loco condition. SOLD FOR
69 Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway small cast iron Sign “M.S. & LRy. Stop Tap 12ft.” Face restored only. 11.75x8in. SOLD FOR
70 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “33C” (Shoeburyness). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
71 An all copper 3 aspect Marine Handlamp of pre-grouping Scottish Railway Company form. Embossed plates to the reducing cone read “Port” and “Starboard”. Complete with rape oil vessel, all fittings and glasses. A fine lamp in ex-service unpolished condition. Possibly from one of the NBR or Caley steamers as the lamp was found in Scotland. SOLD FOR
72 Oval cast iron Bridge Numberplate “LNER 124G”. A GNR pattern Plate. Unrestored. SOLD FOR
73 BR(NE) flangeless enamel Station Doorplate “Ladies Waiting Room”. Large top centre chip but very good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
74 BR Diesel & Electric Locomotive Interest. 13 sheets of stout art paper showing in fine detail BR locos of the following Classes: 26, 31, 33, 37, 43, 47, 56, 58, 60, 73, 86, 87, 90 and 91. Each sheet shows 2 locos in end and side elevation in a variety of sector liveries with reference to position of nameplates where applicable. All are officially produced, dated “British Rail January 1990” and in v.g.c. Each 23.5×16.5in. Together with some full size diesel loco pictorial vinyl decals, vinyl and metal depot codes, a few depot lapel badges and an unused EWS shoulder bag and unused EWS Hi-Viz vest. SOLD FOR
75 “Great Western & Midland Railway” fully titled cast iron Trespass Notice. Face restored only. n/s
76 Miscellaneous Railway enamel Signs. SOLD FOR
77 North Eastern Railway 10in. mahogany cased round head Wall Clock from Shildon. The ex-service dial with 24 hour numerals is written “BR NE 5887”. The fusee movement is stamped “NER” and “4088 967”. Complete with two side doors, pendulum and key. SOLD FOR
78 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “The Vulcan Foundry (Limited) Newton-le-Willows Lancashire No. 3576 1922”. Face restored only. As carried by the 5’6” gauge2-6-0T for Bombay Port Trust, India numbered A31. SOLD FOR
79 LNER 3 aspect GNR pattern Handlamp brass plated “London & North Eastern Railway Leicester Bel. Rd. Gds. 6” (i.e. Belgrave Road Goods). A rare opportunity to obtain a lamp from this long closed Leicester terminus. The lamp is in fine complete condition and restored. SOLD FOR
80 London Transport Underground enamel Station Frieze Signs “Queensway” (41in. long) and “Central Line” (16in. long). Both in very good ex-station condition. SOLD FOR
81 Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway mahogany cased Signal Box Non-Pegging Block Instrument (Midland Rly pattern) with enamel plate “Down Train”. SOLD FOR
82 “L&Y & L&NWRy. Cos” large silver plated Sugar Bowl by Elkington. Nicely face marked with the garter title. A lovely piece probably from the company’s Park Hotel at Preston. SOLD FOR
83 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway copper Signal Lamp Case with cast iron base plate. The chimney clearly marked “LYR” with two small bullseye lenses and original interior lamp marked “LYR” on vessel and burner mounting. A scarce survivor in v.g.c. SOLD FOR
84 LNER cast iron Station Seatback Nameplate “Grimsby Docks”. Opened by the MS&LR in August 1853. V.g.c. and restored. 39.25in. long. SOLD FOR
85 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “1E” (Bletchley). Face restored only a while ago. SOLD FOR
86 London & North Western Railway Locomotive Regulator Handle clearly stamped with the loco number “6037”. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
87 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “67633”. Face restored. As carried by the ‘V1’ Class 2-6-2T. built at Doncaster in 1935. Its first BR depot was Parkhead followed by withdrawal from Hurlford in Dec. 1962 and scrapping at Darlington. n/s
88 Three Carriage Prints in glazed frames. SOLD FOR
89 Long painted wooden Train Carriage Board “The Mancunian”. Original condition. 11 feet long. SOLD FOR
90 Brass cased Signal Box Plunger Instrument engraved “Marsh Junction Down Starting Back Lock”. The plunger itself topped with a porcelain dome. V.g.c. A former GER box between Yarmouth and Lowestoft. SOLD FOR
91 BR(S) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “East Malling Halt”. Excellent condition. A former SE&CR station renamed East Malling in May 1969. SOLD FOR
92 Miniature Signal Levers and Trafolite Lever Description Plates from the Deal Street signal box, Manchester. Also included is a manufacturers brochure of the new Manchester re-signalling project which includes a photo of the Deal Street signal box. SOLD FOR
93 Furness Railway Inspection Saloon Roof Lamp with brass plates “Furness Railway Company manufactured by Messenger and Sons Birmingham” and “FRC Barrow Inspection Saloon No. 2”. Complete with “FR” burner and ornate glass bowl cover. An astonishing and rare survivor. It is housed for display in a purpose made stand glazed with clear acrylic curved panels. The 4 wheeled inspection saloon was for the use of the FR Company’s General Manager William Ramsden and was kept in a private siding at Furness Abbey station close to his home. SOLD FOR
94 BR(LMR) quad royal pictorial Poster “Britains First All Electric Main Line” by Vic Welch depicting 26051 and 27000 Electric Locos on goods and passenger trains on the Woodhead Route. Minor top right edge nibbles otherwise v.g.c. with folds only. SOLD FOR
95 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “52B” (Heaton). Face restored only. SOLD FOR
96 “Gentlemen” double sided wooden Station Sign with cast iron letters with its original wall mounting bracket. V.g.c. and restored. The wooden sign measures 41.5x12in. SOLD FOR
97 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “Societe Cockerill Seraing Belgique No. 3027 AD 1923”. Written on the back is “A32”. Cleaned only. 11.75×8.25in. SOLD FOR
98 “GWR 3017” cast brass Locomotive Cabside Number Plate. As carried by the Railway Operating Division No. 2029 built by North British Loco. Co. Queens Park Works in 1919. Bought by the GWR in 1919 and numbered 3017. The loco had the distinction of having the highest route mileage of the Class (761,945 miles) and at the start of the BR period was allocated to Old Oak Common. Withdrawal came in Oct 1956 followed by scrapping at Swindon. The cabside is in fine condition face restored and polished only, with engine and boiler details stamped into the rim. SOLD FOR
99 “LNER Ilkeston” Platform Lamp Interior Vessel complete with brass burner and glass chimney. The former GNR station closed in Sept. 1964. SOLD FOR
100 Cast brass Locomotive Nameplate “Camperdown” face restored only. As carried by the LMS ‘Jubilee’ Class 4-6-0 No. (4)5680 built at Crewe in 1935 and named after the 1797 sea battle off the Holland coast between the British North Sea Fleet and the Batavian Dutch Fleet. The nameplate 34.5in. long was displayed in the now closed Clapham Museum, London and bears their painted reference number on the back “1933 / 28 / 63”. The loco was allocated to Crewe North, Camden, Upperby, Bushbury, Longsight, Edge Hill and Kingmoor during its career. W/d Jan 1963 and cut up at Crewe. SOLD FOR