March 2023 Lots 351-400

SAT 18th March 2023 – Cedric Ford Pavilion,
Newark Showground, Lincoln Rd, Notts NG24 2NY
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351 Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway cast iron Fireplace Fender. Decorative and with an upstand rail to the three sides. Top marked “MS&L” twice. V.g.c. and restored. 45×13.75in. SOLD FOR
352 LNER cast iron Doorplate “Smoking Strictly Prohibited”. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
353 Oval cast iron LNER ‘9×5’ Locomotive Works Numberplate “London & North Eastern Railway Darlington Works 1905” with its “65763” brass number strip. Face restored only. A Newport and Thornaby loco it was w/d Jan. 1962 and cut up at Darlington. SOLD FOR
354 Two Road Signs: A cast aluminium warning triangle with its post mounting collar by Needham Stockport with all reflective red beads and a “30” metal disc with post clamps to the back complete with all but one reflective beads. Both in good ex-roadside condition. SOLD FOR
355 Brass Station Platform Lamp Vessel stamped “M&GNJR Gedney”. Complete with burner and glass chimney. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
356 LMS cast brass Locomotive Nameplate “Hyderabad” as carried by the ‘Jubilee’ Class 4-6-0 built at North British Loco Co. in 1934 and numbered (4)5585. In BR days it was allocated to Derby, Kentish Town, Newton Heath, Burton and Derby again. It was w/d May 1964 and cut up by Ward’s of Killamarsh. The nameplate is face restored only. 34.5in. long. SOLD FOR
357 Two Albums of pre and post grouping Wagon Labels including some colliery. Some scarce railway companies noted. SOLD FOR
358 “Lincolnshire” enamel Timetable Case Header from this road car omnibus company. V.g.c. and 17in. long. SOLD FOR
359 Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “43151”. As carried by the Class 4MT 2-6-0 built at Doncaster in 1951. A long term M&GN engine at Melton Constable followed by New England and Crewe South from where it was w/d in Feb. 1967 to be cut up at Cashmore’s, Great Bridge. (See next lot). SOLD FOR
360 Oval engraved brass Locomotive Builders Plate “No. 2096 Doncaster 1951” as carried by the Class 4MT 2-6-0 No. 43151. 12.25×6.4in. SOLD FOR
361 A spirit fired model 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive of early style with brass dome, copper capped chimney and original green livery with black and white lining. 8.5in. long o/a buffers. SOLD FOR
362 Cast iron Loco. Shedplate “64B” (Edinburgh Haymarket). Face restored only a while ago. SOLD FOR
363 BR(W) fully flanged enamel Sign “Please Show Tickets”. Three edge chips otherwise v.g.c. with good colour and shine. 16x10in. SOLD FOR
364 “The Manx Electric Railway for Snaefell and Ramsey” colourful promotional Poster with inset views of Snaefell Summit Hotel and Ramsey Town. V.g.c. and in a glazed frame ready to hang. 26x21in. o/all. SOLD FOR
365 North Eastern Railway mahogany cased Block Bell with tapper and top mounted cast brass “Section Indicator”. Unusual. SOLD FOR
366 LNWR cast iron Sign “8in. S.V. 23ft. On Bye Pass to Steel Works”. Face restored only. 18.5x13in. SOLD FOR
367 Great Central Railway 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “GCR 25284” and brass plated “GCR 25284 Market Rasen”. V.g.c. and complete with all fittings and glasses. Unpainted. SOLD FOR
368 Railway Executive quad royal pictorial Poster “Track Laying By Night” by Terence Cuneo. Small edge tears, tiny edge losses, folds and lower right edge crumpling. SOLD FOR
369 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “70D” (Basingstoke then Eastleigh). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
370 Metropolitan Railway Locomotive Headlamp complete with red stowaway aspect glass. Nice condition with cowled bullseye lens but lacks vessel. Restored. SOLD FOR
371 “Railway Clocks” by Ian P. Lyman. 360pp. pubd. 2004 and complete with dust covers. A fine clean example of this authorative work personally signed by the author. SOLD FOR
372 Wagon Plate “L&NWRy. Co. 1888 147 to carry 10 tons”. An early large example at 10.5x8in. Restored. SOLD FOR
373 “South Kenton” fluorescent Platform Lamp Cover with station name in applied perspex letters to both faces. Complete with metal top and in v.g.c. 69×10.25in. o/all. SOLD FOR
374 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway brass Handbell with “L&YR Fire Dept” brass plate to the face. V.g.c. on a turned wooden handle and complete with clapper. 14.5in. tall o/all. SOLD FOR
375 Caledonian Railway Culvert Plate “1.E” letter indicates that this was the fifth culvert from milepost 1. Unrestored. n/s
376 GNR large 3 aspect Handlamp. Brass plated “London & North Eastern Railway Tattershall 6” and “W. Whitehead & Son Makers Blyth”. Complete with integral vessel, all fittings and glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
377 Carriage Print “Durham” by Sidney Causer from the LNER 1945 – 47 series. Small tears to left edge but a scarce print in an original type glazed frame. SOLD FOR
378 LMS 3 aspect Handlamp with two “LMS” plates and “Wath Road Junction Signal Box” plate. Complete and attractively restored with applied LMS coat of arms to the body. SOLD FOR
379 LNER cast iron ‘Doorplate’ “In”. From a ticket office or booking hall. A rare example 6.75in. long. Restored some time ago. SOLD FOR
380 Oval cast iron Locomotive Worksplate “Built 1950 Derby”. Face restored only. Locos built that year at Derby were Class 4 2-6-4 Tanks Nos. 42050 – 65 and 42133 – 46. SOLD FOR
381 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “82F” (Weymouth then Bath Green Park). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
382 Glasgow & South Western Railway 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “GSWR 2751 / 2677” and brass plated “Ins. McRae Kirkcudbright” and “G. Polkey Manufacturer Birmingham”. Complete with “G&SWR” vessel, all fittings and glasses (red cracked). Unpainted. SOLD FOR
383 Rly. Exec. (LMR) quad royal pictorial Poster “Trains of Our Times” by Vic Welch featuring the twin Diesel Electric Locomotives Nos. 10000 & 10001 on an Express between a Stanier Black 5 4-6-0 and an E.M.U. service. Folds and light nicks. F.g.c. SOLD FOR
384 “LNER Cheap Rail Travel” enamel Sign with unusual letter style. Good condition. 80×12.75in. SOLD FOR
385 Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “75036” built August 1953 at Swindon and allocated to Bletchley followed by Llandudno Jct., Shrewsbury. W/d June 1966 and cut up by Bird’s, Long Marston. (See next lot). SOLD FOR
386 Oval cast iron Locomotive Builders Plate “Built 1953 Swindon” as carried on the left side by the Standard 4-6-0 No. 75036. Restored. (See previous lot). SOLD FOR
387 Carriage Print “Britannia Tubular Bridge, North Wales” by Kenneth Steel from the LMR 1952 Architecture Series. V.g.c. and in a glazed frame. SOLD FOR
388 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “27E” (Walton-on-the-Hill). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
389 North Staffordshire Railway General Purpose Handlamp with tall reducing cone which bears a brass “Baynton” makers plate with partial loss. The rear door is clearly stamped “NSR Co. Froghall” and opens to reveal the original vessel bearing the Staffordshire “Knot” device. Complete with all fittings and glasses, restored and scarce. SOLD FOR
390 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Birkenhead North”. Flange wear only. No chips to the face but the maroon has faded. A LMS station re-named from Birkenhead Docks in 1926. SOLD FOR
391 Cast brass Locomotive Cabside Numberplate “South African Railways 255 H2“ as carried by the 4-10-2T built by Dubs (4064 of 1901) and ex-Natal Government Railway No. 174. SOLD FOR
392 “GCR 415” cast iron Bridge Numberplate from a structure near Ashby Magna. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
393 London & North Western Railway early tall pattern 3 aspect Handlamp plated “L&NWR TFC Dept. Bagillt” & “Polkey & Son 1908”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
394 Oval cast brass LNER ‘9×5’ Locomotive Works Numberplate “London & North Eastern Railway 60973 Darlington Works 1943”. Face restored and mounted on a wooden panel. The loco was w/d from Dundee Tay Bridge in Jan. 1966 and cut up by McLennan’s, Langloan. SOLD FOR
395 Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “63715” as carried by the GCR 04 Class 2-8-0 built by Robert Stephenson & Co. in 1919. A Colwick and Langwith Junction loco in BR days it was w/d Jan 1964 followed by cutting up at Doncaster. SOLD FOR
396 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “15A” (Wellingborough). Ex-loco condition. n/s
397 Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway cast iron Parish Boundary Post. “M&GN” and “PB” to opposite faces. 25.75in. tall with spiked foot. Restored. SOLD FOR
398 Great Central Railway Policeman’s wooden Truncheon lettered “GCR” and surmounted by a Victorian crown. Unrestored & scarce. 18in. long. SOLD FOR
399 Two Albums of Tickets, Handbills, Photographs and Ephemera. SOLD FOR
400 Great Western Railway Bakelite cased Wall Clock. The 6in. dial is lettered “GWR Smith 8 day” with chromed surround also inscribed “GWR”. The case back is marked “GWR 3883”. V.g.c. and working order complete with captive key. SOLD FOR