March 2022 Lots 251 – 300

SAT 26th March 2022 – Cedric Ford Pavilion,
Newark Showground, Notts, NG24 2NY
Viewing from 8.00am on morning of sale – Sale starts 10.00am
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251 Miniature Single Line Staff Machine 34.5in. tall. It was used on the FFCC Del E (Chile). The staff configuration is ‘D’ and the machine is working with Annett key included. The instrument flaps need a little adjustment. The lock on the top opening flap has been removed. Purchaser to collect from near Cambridge. N/S
252 BR(E) flangeless enamel Station Doorplate “Gentlemen”. Ex-door condition. SOLD FOR
253 Midland Railway wooden cased Signal Box Block Bell faintly top marked “MR Co.” Good ex-box condition. SOLD FOR
254 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Wem”. Restored face chip to right of ‘W’ and a light scratch to right end. V.g.c. Good colour and shine. A former LNWR station between Crewe and Shrewsbury. SOLD FOR
255 Original Painting by Peter Annable G.R.A. of the north end of Grantham station. It depicts a V2 on up freight with Nottingham train beyond. Watercolour in a glazed frame 21.5×17.5in. o/a. SOLD FOR
256 Two early Midland Counties Railway Plans relating to Broughton Astley Station. Both in good condition for their age and are in glazed clip frames. SOLD FOR
257 Great Northern East Lincolnshire Railway General Purpose Handlamp of early form. Brass plates to the top. “GNR E.L” and “Louth HD” (Horse Dept). SOLD FOR
258 “Lancashire Derbyshire & East Coast Railway” Coat of Arms Transfer nicely mounted onto a painted wooden panel. 15 x 15 in. V.g.c. and scarce. SOLD FOR
259 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “61112” as carried by the LNER B1 Class 4-6-0 built by the NBL Co. in 1946 (No. 25868). A Sheffield Darnall, Lincoln and Mexborough Loco it was w/d from the latter in Dec. 1962 and cut up by Cashmore’s, Great Bridge in Aug. 1963. The plate is face restored. SOLD FOR
260 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “40A” (Lincoln). Face restored only. SOLD FOR
261 Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway Signal Box Hanging Lamp stamped “M&GNJR” and brass plated “Honing East”. Complete with brass burner, glass chimney, suspension frame and white enamel shade. V.g.c. and restored. The box was on the Melton Constable – Yarmouth line and closed in 1959. SOLD FOR
262 LNER Station cast iron Seatback Nameplate “Helpringham” in unrestored condition. 40in. long. A former GN & GE Joint station south of Sleaford closed in 1955. SOLD FOR
263 Double crown size pictorial Poster “Sheringham Twixt Sea and Pine” by T.W. Armes. Produced by the Local Authority and printed in Norwich. V.g.c. 29.75×19.75in. SOLD FOR
264 “Jaegar Pure Wool” double sided enamel Advertising Sign in Art Nouveau style. Both sides in fine condition & in the original wooden frame 21x16in. 25in o/all with suspension rings. SOLD FOR
265 Station Porter’s Platform Barrow. The wooden stock painted “3 – 18 BR(E) Louth”. Ex-station condition. SOLD FOR
266 GNR 3 aspect Handlamp with a later LNER top. Copper plate to the base “BR(E) Coningsby”. Complete with integral vessel, all fittings and glasses. Unrestored. Door catch a/f. SOLD FOR
267 “GNR Lincoln” silver plated half pint Tankard. The title very nicely inscribed in a belted garter device. 3.5in. tall. N/S
268 London & North Western Railway 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “LNWR Curzon St. T.F.C. A 24350”. Complete with all fittings (minus reflector) all glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
269 “GNR Dining Car” fluted glass Table Oil Bottle or possibly a Posy Vase. A delightful item nicely face etched with the title. V.g.c. 3.5in. tall. SOLD FOR
270 LMS quad royal pictorial Poster “The Day Begins” by Terence Cuneo 1946. Features a Stanier Pacific Locomotive on the turntable in an engine shed round house. Very minor edge nicks and folds. A superb image. SOLD FOR
271 Great Northern & Great Eastern Joint Rlys. 3 aspect GER pattern sliding knobs Handlamp stamped “GN & GE Spalding”. Complete with “GER” vessel, all fittings, glasses & back handle intact. A nice example of an early fluted top pattern from the joint line. Restored. SOLD FOR
272 “L & NWR Visit the English Lake District” printed tinplate official Ashtray. Title and LNWR crests to the border with scenic centre view. Fine condition and scarce. 4.75×3.5in. SOLD FOR
273 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Leicester Central”. Flange wear only, very good colour and shine. A former GCR station closed in May 1969. SOLD FOR
274 Great Northern Railway Signal Box metal cased Fogging Magazine brass plated “West Holmes Fogging Magazine GN Down Home”. Good unrestored condition. 20in. tall. Carrying handle requires one securing screw. West Holmes was an important Lincoln junction box (GC / GN & GN & GE Joint). SOLD FOR
275 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Shedplate “12A” (Carlisle Kingmoor) together with a “SC” self-cleaning smokebox plate. (2). SOLD FOR
276 LMS official large black & white Crewe Works Photograph of the Stanier Pacific Locomotive No. 6250 “City of Lichfield”. Superb and impressive in its original glazed oak frame 40x23in. o/all. SOLD FOR
277 “L&NER Mumby Road” brass plated Platform Lamp Vessel complete with burner. Unrestored. The station between Willoughby and Sutton-on-Sea closed in Oct. 1970. SOLD FOR
278 Great Central Railway Counter Top Weighing Scales. The post is embossed “To weigh 1 cwt class 2 G.C.Ry.” and brass plated “H. Pooley & Son Contractors BR(LM) 10849”. The weighing platform is embossed “H. Pooley & Son Limited Liverpool & London G.C.Ry.” Complete with a set of weights. A superb item nicely restored. SOLD FOR
279 Rolled Signal Box Diagram “Hucknall Central” from 1956 on the GCR London Extension. It shows a goods yard and intermediate block signals which were colour lights provided during World War 2. Also shown is a Down Loop with a link to the colliery. Good condition. 86x18in. SOLD FOR
280 LNER (Great Northern pattern) 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “London & North Eastern Railway Louth”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
281 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “63824” as carried by the GCR Class 04 2-8-0 built by the NBL Co. in 1918 (No. 22010). A Barnsley and Retford loco w/d from the latter in June 1963 and cut up at Doncaster Works. The plate is in v.g.c. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
282 LNER Welch Patent Signal Lamp Interior plated “Sutton Bridge”. Complete and in v.g.c. The former M&GNJR station closed in March 1959. SOLD FOR
283 Carriage Print “Scarborough, Yorkshire” by Henry Rushbury from the LNER 1945 – 47 series. V.g.c. and in an original type glazed frame. SOLD FOR
284 “Midland & London & North Western Railways Joint Lines” fully titled 1883 cast iron Gate Notice, LNWR pattern. A very rare sign face restored only a while ago. SOLD FOR
285 GNR wooden cased Signal Box Block Bell with ivorine face plate “Boston Sluice”. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
286 Great Northern & Great Eastern Joint Committee 8in. non-fusee GER pattern Wall Clock. The ex-service dial is written “BR 13969”. The back box is branded “GER” (twice) and “GN & GE JC 82”. Ex-Sleaford. Complete with key and in working order. SOLD FOR
287 “GNR Train Following” painted steel Board with suspension handle and lamp iron bracket to the back which is also painted “GNR Firsby Traffic Dept.”. Lovely ex-service condition with original paintwork front and back. Firsby lost its rail services in Oct. 1970. SOLD FOR
288 Great Northern Railway cast iron Boundary Post “GNR Boundary 4 feet North”. Restored, the post slightly curtailed in height. 30in. tall. SOLD FOR
289 Carriage Print “Crowland, Lincolnshire” by Kenneth Steel from the 1948 – 55 series. In an original type glazed frame. N/S
290 Great Central Railway Station Platform Bench. 96in. long comprising three cast iron knobbly branch supports and original wood. A LNER cast iron station nameplate “Barnetby” is screwed to the back rail but is broken at the centre screwhole. The bench will be on view at our auction venue. N/S
291 Double sided painted Station Train Fingerboard “Mablethorpe”. Ex-station condition. 48in. long. SOLD FOR
292 Original Painting “Flying Scotsman” by Eric Oldham. Finely detailed watercolour showing the development of Flying Scotsman locos and coaches from 1888 to 1938. Undated but circa 1940, in a glazed frame with card slip. 14x12in o/all. Eric Oldham was a noted railway artist and historian active in the 1930-1950’s. Many of his images were used for postcard designs. He was one of the few honorary life members of the Guild of Railway Artists. SOLD FOR
293 LNER, GNR pattern 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “London & North Eastern Railway Tattershall 10”. Complete with all fittings and glasses and unrestored. The station between Woodhall Jct and Boston closed in June 1963. SOLD FOR
294 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “Yorkshire Engine Co. Limited Meadow-Hall Works Sheffield No. 2457 1950”. As carried by the (GWR) 94XX Class 0-6-0PT. No. 8464. A Cardiff Canton and Oxley loco it was w/d Dec. 1963 and cut up at Swindon. The plate is very lightly face restored. SOLD FOR
295 Great Northern Railway enamel Station Sign “Grantham”. Possibly part of a poster or notice board header. A strip of enamel loss as per photo but very good colour and shine. In a painted wooden frame 49×7.8in. o/all. SOLD FOR
296 “LNER Donington Road” brass Signal Box or Waiting Room Lamp complete with burner and glass chimney. A GN & GE Joint line location. The station here closed in Sept. 1961. SOLD FOR
297 A rare Nottingham City Tramways wooden Single Line Staff with original painted lettering “Alfred St. & Hooton St” and “Carlton 7 1/2 Mins”. The ends repainted otherwise very good ex-service condition. 19.5in. long. The Nottingham Tram System had single lines with passing loops. The sight of the staff would permit convoys of perhaps 3 trams to proceed in section, the staff retained by the driver of the last tram. This would then be shown to the drivers of the corresponding trams waiting in the loop and handed over to the last driver in the queue, and so it repeated from section to section. Sounds complicated but it worked! We are of course referring to the original Tram System not the current modern Super Tram! SOLD FOR
298 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “26B” (Agecroft). A LMS style plate, unrestored. SOLD FOR
299 MSLR 3 aspect miniature sliding knobs Handlamp stamped “MSLR” and brass plated “Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Company Snelland”. Complete with LNER vessel, all fittings and glasses and is in v.g.c. The station at Snelland between Lincoln and Market Rasen closed in Nov. 1965. SOLD FOR
300 Great Northern Railway cast iron 1896 Trespass Notice in superb ex-lineside condition. SOLD FOR
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