July 2023 Lots 401-450

SUN 16th July 2023 – Cedric Ford Pavilion,
Newark Showground, Lincoln Rd, Notts NG24 2NY
Viewing from 8.00am on morning of sale – Sale starts 10.00am
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401 “LMS Hotels” silver plated Waiter’s Tray by Mappin & Webb with three Art Deco style feet. The title inscribed in the top centre. V.g.c. 12in. dia. SOLD FOR
402 BR(E) flangeless enamel Station Doorplate “Ladies Waiting Room”. Minor edge chips and with good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
403 LNER 3 aspect Handlamp, GNR pattern. The body is painted “Grantham 39” and with earlier paint “New England”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Good ex-service condition. SOLD FOR
404 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “68009” as carried by the J94 Class 0-6-0 ST. built in 1943. An Immingham and Colwick engine w/d July 1962 and cut up at Darlington. The plate has other class numbers cast in the back and is unrestored. SOLD FOR
405 London & South Western Railway 3 aspect Inspectors Handlamp stamped “L&SWR 1496” and with embossed brass plate “L&SWR Co.” Complete with “L&SWR” rape oil vessel, all fittings and glasses. Unpainted. These smaller size lamps are hard to find. n/s
406 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “West Allerton”. One tiny face chip at the second ‘E’. Good colour and shine. An ex-LMS station opened in Jan. 1939. SOLD FOR
407 “Southern Railway Platform Tickets” enamel Face Plate from a ticket machine. It states “To be given up on leaving the platform” and features a pointing hand. Edge chipping but good colour and shine. 30.35×6.5in. n/s
408 LNER cast brass ‘9×5’ Locomotive Tenderplate “London & North Eastern Railway 4023 Darlington Works 1947”. Face restored only. From the tender attached to ‘B1’ Class 4-6-0 No. 61031 “Reedbuck”. A Low Moor, Thornaby, York and Ardsley engine, it was w/d Nov. 1964 and cut up by Draper’s, Hull. SOLD FOR
409 “LMS Cummertrees” brass plated leather Cash Bag in v.g.c. A former G&SWR station south east of Dumfries, closed in Sept. 1955. SOLD FOR
410 London & North Western Railway cast iron Notice “8in S.V. To be closed in case of fire”. Face restored only. 18.5x13in. SOLD FOR
411 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Sign “Tickets Waiting and Ladies Room”. Small edge chips and ex-station condition. 36x18in. SOLD FOR
412 LNER tall Inspection type Lamp with pivoting top handle. Complete and in v.g.c. SOLD FOR
413 LNER cast iron two paragraph Notice referring to the use of the weighbridge. Casting No. “0148”. V.g.c. and nicely face restored only. 27x19in. SOLD FOR
414 Original Painting by C.D. Holland in gouache of Edinburgh Waverley Station, The North British Hotel, Castle beyond and Princes Street Gardens with ‘A3’ “Grand Parade” leaving the station. A superbly competent image of almost photographic quality. In a glazed frame with card mount 28.75×22.5in. o/all. Even if you don’t want to buy it just view it! SOLD FOR
415 Oval engraved brass Locomotive Builders Plate “Kitson & Co. Leeds Engineers No. 2320 1881”. Face lightly polished only. 10.75x6in. As carried by a Lancashire & Yorkshire Rly. Barton Wright Class 141 0-6-2T No. 239. W/d in Nov. 1911 it was used for heating banana vans at Glasson Docks, Liverpool where it became Portable Boiler No. 4608. It was replaced in 1960 by another LYR loco, BR No. 51397. SOLD FOR
416 Brass Train Staff Ticket inscribed “Chilton Crossing and Leasingthorne” and “Number 1”. From the Chilton Chemical Works System, Co. Durham. 7×3.5in. SOLD FOR
417 London and North Western Railway Rail Motor Trolley Headlamp. Stamped “LNWR 2302A”. The body has a large brass plate “LNWR Motor Head & Tail Lamp” and the sides are painted with the letter “M”. Complete with all fittings and bullseye lens. The lamp is in totally ex-service condition. SOLD FOR
418 A Reproduction Western Region half flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Exeter St. Davids 1844 – 1994”. This is No. 1 of a limited edition produced for the special rail fair commemorating the 150th. anniversary of the first train into Exeter from London on 1st May 1844. Full details are enamelled on the back. Excellent condition. SOLD FOR
419 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “5D” (Stoke on Trent). Unrestored. SOLD FOR
420 Cambrian Railway “Beware of Trains” cast iron Notice. Unrestored. SOLD FOR
421 London, Chatham & Dover Railway 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “LC&DR 1065 / 1161”. The top bears an Ashford “A” button and a makers plate “McWhirter, Roberts & Co. 249 & 251 East India Road London”. Complete with “LCDR” vessel, all fittings and glasses and restored. SOLD FOR
422 LNER double sided enamel Platform ‘Horseshoe’ Sign “Wivenhoe”. General chipping to both faces, good colour & shine. 14in. across. Former GER station south east of Colchester. SOLD FOR
423 LNER oval cast brass ‘9×5’ Locomotive Works Numberplate “London & North Eastern Railway 60810 Darlington Works 1937”. Face cleaned and polished only. As carried by the V2 Class 2-6-2 allocated to Heaton and York w/d in Nov. 1965 and cut up by W. George & Son, Station Steel, Wath. SOLD FOR
424 LNER cast iron Station Doorplate “Booking Hall”. An original example stripped of paint. SOLD FOR
425 Great Northern Railway Somersault Signal Lamp Interior plated “Abbotts Ripton” and stamped “Conde”. Complete with its polished copper cap, all fittings and glasses and painted black with green edging. This was the location of the tragic ECML accident many years ago and this lamp is reputedly from the faulty signal concerned. SOLD FOR
426 LMS cast aluminium ‘Hawkseye’ Station Sign “Berry Brow”, from the former LYR station on the Huddersfield – Penistone line closed July 1966 later re-opened in Oct. 1989. SOLD FOR
427 London & North Western Railway mahogany cased Mantel Clock. The original dial is lettered “LNWR John Walker South Molton St.” and the case back retains its original enamel “4802” numberplate. Working order complete with pendulum and winding key. 9.5in. tall. SOLD FOR
428 BR(S) Locomotive Headlamp brass plated “BR(S) H4601”. Complete except for red glass and part painted. SOLD FOR
429 Cast iron Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate “63700” as carried by the R.O.D. No. 1683 built by Robert Stephenson & Co. in July 1918. Into LNER stock, Class 04 and during BR days its allocations were Annesley and Gorton. It was w/d from the latter in Jan 1961 and cut up at the Works. The smokebox plate is unrestored and has other Class numbers cast in the back. SOLD FOR
430 London & North Western Railway tiny single aspect Inspector’s Handlamp marked “L&NWR” in the chimney. Complete with original “LNWR” marked vessel and is in v.g.c. A little gem! SOLD FOR
431 BR(NE) fully flanged enamel Station Sign “Passenger must not cross the line except by the subway”. Edge chips mainly and loss of shine. 36x18in. SOLD FOR
432 Cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “No. 1640 Societe Nouvelle des Etablissements Decauville Aine Corbeil (S&O)”. Lightly face polished only. Shield shaped 9×6.5in o/all. As carried by a 600mm. gauge 0-6-0T built for the French Artillery. Then to the Sugar Beet Industry after War Service. SOLD FOR
433 Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway mahoagny short cased Signal Box Block Instrument. “MS & LRy” marked twice on the face and bears later plasticised plates “Up Main” and “To Kesteven Siding”. V.g.c. This was located on the GN & GE Joint Line near Saxilby. SOLD FOR
434 “GCR Ambulance” so lettered pine Box, the title in original paint on the sliding lid. No contents, so very useful for storage. 15.5×8.5×4.75in. n/s
435 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Station Totem Sign “Llandudno Junction”. Two re-touched top edge and two re-touched lower panel chips. Flange painted black. Good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
436 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “9L” (Buxton). Face restored. SOLD FOR
437 “London & North Eastern Railway” fully titled double royal Poster “Old World Market Places Boston” by Austin Cooper. No folds and in a glazed frame ready to hang. SOLD FOR
438 GNR large 3 aspect Handlamp brass plated “Great Northern Railway Company West Holmes Junc. No. 1” (Lincoln). Re-location plate “Shelford”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Unpainted. SOLD FOR
439 Rolled linen Signal Box Diagram “Mansfield North Junction”. V.g.c. 46×16.25in. SOLD FOR
440 London Transport Station Target Sign comprising enamel station name “Bayswater”, two blue enamel crescents and original bronze frame. 33.5in. wide and v.g.c. SOLD FOR
441 LNWR cast iron Notice “Sea Water Main F.H. No.3 4ft. 0in.” Ex-Holyhead Cattle Yard. Face restored only. 12x9in. SOLD FOR
442 Cast brass Industrial Locomotive Nameplate “Lancaster”. 28in. long. Unrestored stripped of paint, traces of red remain. As carried by 0-6-0 flameproof loco built by Andrew Barclay (1572 of 1917) which worked at Lancaster Power Station. w/d
443 Oval cast brass Locomotive Builders Plate “Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. Limited Caledonia Works Kilmarnock. No. 1638, 1922”. Face restored only. 16.6×11.6in. As carried by 0-6-0ST at Sherwood Colliery, Mansfield and named “Sherwood No. 1”. Worked at the Colliery for its entire life and was scrapped in 1968. SOLD FOR
444 Great Eastern Railway 3 aspect sliding knobs Handlamp stamped “Rayne 2” and dated 1906. Complete with back handle, all fittings and glasses. Restored. Station located between Bishops Stortford and Witham closed completely in August 1961. SOLD FOR
445 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “71A” (Eastleigh), BR(S) Eastleigh triangle to the back. Lightly face restored only. SOLD FOR
446 North Eastern Railway enamel Station Doorplate “Private”. Usual edge wear. Very good colour and shine. SOLD FOR
447 Cast aluminium Road Sign “Trains Cross Here”. Some reflective beads missing and unrestored. 30x24in. SOLD FOR
448 BR(S) fully flanged enamel Sign “No Exit” with directional arrow. Re-touched edge chips only. Very good colour and shine. 26x5in. SOLD FOR
449 LMS 3 aspect Handlamp stamped and plated “LMS” with a “Midland Railway B21400” brass plated top. Complete with all fittings and glasses and in ex-service red paint. SOLD FOR
450 BR(M) fully flanged enamel Signal Box Doorplate “Private”. Chips as per photo. Good colour and shine. SOLD FOR