August 2020 Lots 501 – 545

Welcome to our August 2020 auction. The lots in this sale will finish on the following
bidding blocks on telephone numbers 01949 21105 or 01949 21106.
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Lots 501 – 510 Closing time Friday Aug 7th 5.00pm tel. 01949 21105
501 “GC & MRy Trespassers on this property will be prosecuted” cast iron Notice. Face restored only and scarce. SOLD FOR
502 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “55H” (Leeds Neville Hill). Ex-loco condition from one of the depot’s diesel locos. SOLD FOR
503 Coat of Arms Transfers mounted onto 20x20in. aluminium sheet panels: Mersey Railway, LMS and GWR. (3). SOLD FOR
504 BR(W), GWR pattern Locomotive Headlamp. Complete with all fittings including stowaway red shade insert and glasses. V.g.c. N/S
505 Three North Eastern Rly. cast iron Bridge Number Plates from the Wensleydale line. “48”, “49” and “50”. Two are chalk marked “Bearpark House” and “Bearpark West”. Unrestored. (3). SOLD FOR
506 BR(S) fully flanged enamel Station Doorplate “Station Master”. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
507 Corus Iompair Eirann bi-lingual enamel Notice “C.I.E Trespassers will be prosecuted”. Good condition 15x12in. SOLD FOR
508 Caledonian Railway Guard’s brass Thunderer Whistle clearly marked “CR” on the mouthpiece. Working order. SOLD FOR
509 LNER fully titled cast iron Notice “Beware of Trains look both up and down the line before you cross”. Restored. SOLD FOR
510 Reproduction LNER Locomotive Nameplate “The Morpeth”. The original loco was D49 ‘Hunt’ Class No. 62768 and allocated to Starbeck MPD. SOLD FOR
Lots 511 – 520 Closing time Friday Aug 7th 5.00pm tel. 01949 21106
511 Fibre Single Line Tablet inscribed “Annfield East – Oxhill 6”. SOLD FOR
512 North Eastern Railway official cast iron Locomotive Paperweight featuring one of the company’s Atlantics. The livery a tad worn through use but a fairly scarce item. SOLD FOR
513 M & GNJR” cast iron Firebuckets Notice in fine original condition. SOLD FOR
514 London & Birmingham Railway oval cast iron Bridge Numberplate “122”. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
515 Reproduction double royal Poster “LNER Flying Scotsman London – Edinburgh – London 392 3/4 miles non-stop daily a world record”. In a glazed frame and ready to hang. N/S
516 Great Central Rly. mahogany cased Crossing Repeater Instrument. Clearly marked “GCR” on the roof and complete with “Down Line” and “Up Line” metal plates. SOLD FOR
517 A Block of two Westinghouse Power Frame Levers ex-Darlington South Signal Box. V.g.c. and working order. SOLD FOR
518 Great Eastern Railway Platform Lamp Case with original “Foxton” roof plate and two replacement “Foxton” glass panels. Complete with all glass and restored 26in. tall. SOLD FOR
519 Cast iron Locomotive Shedplate “51J” (Northallerton). A scarce code in unrestored condition. SOLD FOR
520 “For Repairs Return to LNE. Shops Doncaster” cast iron Plate. Face restored only. 10.5×2.75in. SOLD FOR
Lots 521 – 530 Closing time Friday Aug 7th 6.00pm tel. 01949 21105
521 Carriage Print “Crowland, Lincolnshire” by Kenneth Steel from the 1948-55 series. V.g.c. and in an original type glazed frame. SOLD FOR
522 Two North Eastern Railway cast iron Plates “To carry 10 1/2 tons built Feb 1896” and “To carry 15 tons built York July 1903”. Both 8×4.6in. and restored (2). SOLD FOR
523 Oval cast aluminium Locomotive Builders Plate “Brush Sulzer No 555 1964”. Face restored only. As carried by the Type 4 Class 47 DE Loco No. 47312 formerly D1793. SOLD FOR
524 Carriage Print “Boston, Lincolnshire” by Freda Marston from the LNER 1945 – 47 series. In an original glazed frame. SOLD FOR
525 Twenty LNER Paychecks including “Retford Loco”, “Loco York” and “Starbeck”. SOLD FOR
526 “GCR 441” cast iron Bridge Numberplate from Newton Farm Crossing between Lutterworth and Rugby. Face restored only. SOLD FOR
527 Midland railway 1909 enamel ‘Firebuckets’ Notice. A nice example with small restoration to one corner. SOLD FOR
528 “Grimsby District Electric Railway G.C.Rly No. 97” oval brass Pay Check. V.g.c. and scarce. SOLD FOR
529 LNWR 3 aspect Handlamp stamped “Coed-Talon New Station A11727”. Complete with all fittings and glasses. Unrestored. The station north west of Wrexham closed in March 1950. SOLD FOR
530 North Eastern Railway mahogany cased Signal Box Block Instrument clearly marked “NER” in the floor and with brass plates “Down Line” and “Dragon Jn”. Glass to the needle display is missing otherwise v.g.c. Dragon Junction was on the north eastern outskirts of Harrogate. SOLD FOR
Lots 531 – 545 Closing time Friday Aug 7th 6.00pm tel. 01949 21106
531 GER “Fordham – Barnwell” Annett’s Key. A section of the Cambridge to Mildenhall branch. The stations here closed in 1965 and 1962 respectively. SOLD FOR
532 Green enamel Sugg Waiting Room Gas Lamp complete with operating lever, chains and glass globe. V.g.c. SOLD FOR
533 Pair of GNR cast iron Bridge Numberplates from the East Coast Main Line. “210” (repaired) from the Little Bytham viaduct and “213” from a farm crossing a little further north. SOLD FOR
534 GNR small matching numbers 3 aspect Handlamp. Steel plates to body “LNER Denton Sdgs. 2” and “GN & LNW Joint L”. Original paint “Stathern Eng.” Complete with all fittings and glasses. Unrestored. Small loss to base of back handle. SOLD FOR
535 GN & LNW Joint Line full mileage cast iron Milepost Top “29” from Stathern Jct. Together with the three cast iron milepost fractions from the Barnstone branch. Unrestored. A rare opportunity to acquire a full set of these tops unique to this line. SOLD FOR
536-543 The following eight lots are old hand drawn coloured Signal Box Diagrams on cartridge paper approximately ‘A4’ size and refer to the Notts / Derby area:-
536 Trent Lane Jct / Goods Yard Box (double sided). SOLD FOR £25
537 Mansfield Jct / London Road Jct (double sided). SOLD FOR £20
538 Rectory Jct / Daybrook (double sided). SOLD FOR £20
539 Trent Station Nth / Trent Station Sth (double sided). SOLD FOR £40
540 Derby Station North (single sided). SOLD FOR £25
541 Stanton Junction (single sided). SOLD FOR £20
542 Saxondale Junction (single sided). SOLD FOR £30
543 Ilkeston West (single sided). N/S
544 Great Northern Railway complete wooden post Somersault Signal from Grantham. All metal parts are cast “GNR Mck. & Holland” and comprise lamp support, balance weight, pivot plate, elephant’s trunk, backblinder, spectacle plate, ladder with top hoop and finial. Complete with wooden blade. The signal is 13 feet tall from ground to top of finial. It will be out of the ground ready for collection from Kent by the successful bidder by arrangement and following Covid 19 guidelines. SOLD FOR
545 Great Northern Railway cast iron Station Platform Lamp Post, bearing ornate “GNR” initials. 10’-6” o/all height of which 27in is below ground. The post is out of the ground and ready for collection from Kent by the successful bidder, by arrangement as previous lot. SOLD FOR


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